KLONA CLUB - settlement of innovators and inventors

What is a clone club for?

Get orders

Together with our sales department, receive an order and take full responsibility for the implementation on your own and for the team behind you. Complete the whole, or in complex projects, the part in which you are an expert. The result is experience, clients, delegating routine work (sales, accounting, accounting, lawyers) to do what you like.

Product design , solid modeling, interface design and pre-production – from the market leader.

Your product

Product design , solid modeling, interface design and pre-production – from the market leader.

Prerequisites for the creation of CLONE CLUB

Today, an entrepreneur is a Swiss, and a reaper, and a gambler. Even if you are talented in your craft, most of your time will be spent on maintaining life support: And this greatly slows down growth, or does not allow you to become the best at all.

In order not to overpay, you can work with freelancers, but they are not responsible for the result and terms. Agencies take extra profit, which is spent on advertising, offices, idle time / waiting time.

Clone is an inventive company that deliberately abandoned the conveyor in favor of quality and joy.

We have a large amount of work that we do not have time to do, but we would very much like to participate in achieving a common victory.

We bring together the best specialists from different types of activities.

The result has exceeded expectations – the synergy of entrepreneurs is an explosive mixture.

You can learn more about “Getting Leads of Customers” in the section PLZ>>

Let's take on most of the routine!

In order for you to focus on completing projects and scaling your business, we will take on marketing and sales tasks. Also you can count on accounting, lawyers. But the best thing you get is a circle of like-minded people interested in your success.
Gain experience from partners on strategy and how to build and manage a team.

Ideal Partner Portrait

An ideal partner is an entrepreneur who knows how to do it himself, and also has the ability to delligate. He works alone or with a team of up to 5 people.
It already has its customers, but lacks orders for more rapid growth.

Do you have all the necessary qualities? - become a partner, change the world for the better!

Please send us a short resume about yourself, examples of work, and an explanation of why you should be included in the club.
And when the need arises, we will provide test projects.

Send your resume and
explanation why you