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Create a DeFi mobile game similar to X-Com

Multiplayer strategy/tactical RPG for mobile phones with game currency and NFT.

Main references: X-com, Fallout 2 (turn-based game, fixed camera position) – in the genre of computer strategy / tactical RPG

Main mechanics (game modes):

  • turn-based combat on generated locations. Mining resources.
  • Work with your base (protection against attacks, resource generation)
  • Social interaction (collective battles, appearance and ammunition of heroes, events)


  • attraction of investments
  • sale of NFTs (territories, protective and useful elements
  • Increasing the value of your Altcoin (coin)

The target audience:

  • 30-45 men (loved x-com and Fallout)
  • 2-10 visits to the game / day with a total duration of 5 to
  • Know how to buy and trade cryptocurrencies

Auxiliary USPs:

  • making money
  • free entry
  • does not require to be a master

Project cost:

  • MVP – $25,000 (development and testing of game mechanics on the Unity or Unreal engine)
  • $120,000 – $250,000 – before the start of the refund (the cost affects the timing)

The period before the start of the return is 1-2 years (release date).

Possible income: from 50% to 5000%

Sponsors: Up to 5 investors are considered

Team (Backbone for start):

  • concept artist
  • 3D artist
  • programmer (visual engine and C++, C#)
  • Game designer (content filling)

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