We are part of the group of companies, so our capabilities are wider and deeper.
We have over a hundred services. Below is the title.

Board design based on our own research and reverse engineering, design of moving mechanisms.

Microcontroller programming and mobile application development. Bluetooth communication with other devices and API with cloud server. Creation and completion of the OS. Software.

Computer vision. big data. Neural network and algorithms. Voice assistant, voice commands. Face recognition. Facial animation.

Development of a new product and its design with a development strategy for 3-5 years.
Gamification. Validation (idea, product, prototypes).

UI / UX of the device, gadget, device, case, device elements. UI/UX interface design and Data Visualization. Infographics.

Development of turnkey interactive 3D applications.
3D visualization and animation.
VFX. VR. AR. 3D character.
Script writing. 3D renders , models and images for Amazon.

Games for console and mobile phones. Development of characters, levels and ideas. Monetization and promotion of games.

We create cities in which you want to live. A set of design solutions from research and creation of a beautification environment to parametric architecture. Interactive 3D flight over the territory.

Economics of tokens. Unmanned aerial vehicles. web 3.0. Blockchain. Smart contracts. Traffic control technologies. predictive analytics.

Design and build products to sell through Amazon. Design, preparation of layouts and documentation, search for a manufacturer in China. Control of production and launch of sales. Development of USP and product benefits. Creation of product posters for listing.

Complex services and portals. Integrations. Mobile applications. Back-end, Front-end, Mobile app.