Grow yourself and develop your team. Leave the routine to the club.

Multiply capital and enjoy the creation of grandiose. Create IT applications, video games and electronic devices. Choose a startup at any stage of investment and budget. Come with your ideas.

Get together in a team of like-minded people for a startup and create your own product.

Prerequisites for the creation of CLONE CLUB

Today, the entrepreneur is both a Swiss , a reaper , and a gambler on the pipe . Even if you are talented at your craft, most of the time you will spend on maintaining the life support of the company, and this greatly slows down growth , or does not allow you to become the best at all.

On the other hand, in order not to overpay, you can work with freelancers , but they are not responsible for the result and deadlines . Agencies take extra profit , which goes towards advertising, offices, idle/waiting time.

Klona is an inventive company that deliberately abandoned the assembly line in favor of quality and its joy .

We have a large amount of work that we do not have time to do, but we would very much like to participate in achieving a common victory.

We bring together the best specialists of different types of activity.

The result has exceeded expectations – the synergy of entrepreneurs is an explosive mixture.

Become part of our big team to change the world for the better!