In order to overtake competitors, spend a minimum, keep it secret, and generally bring the project to a profit – we independently do a full cycle of work to create a profitable business, namely:

We analyze the market, create a product, test a prototype and a hypothesis, develop and manufacture, advertise and ensure sales.

We have created over 1000 projects for our clients (retail, FMCG, physical product and device, apps, games) and have up to 10 projects of our own . Experience allows us to guarantee the profitability of the investment .

If you need fame and a trace in this world, then we recommend investing in on-line products (applications, games, service and outsourcing companies).

Stop buying real estate, lose money on cryptocurrency, in order to change this world for the betterinvest in an IT product.

The goals of the projects are different. For example, move on to the next round of investment, or get clients in half a year, or reach self-sufficiency and continue to grow with income.

There are a dozen projects for your consideration, and we are constantly recruiting teams and partners.

The amount of investment is from 30 to 500 thousand dollars.

There are projects on which a person has worked and on which teams have been working for many years. We can match you with a partner with whom you can share the investment fee required to get started.