3D modeling of solar panels

TORENS INDASTRI UKRAINE LLC contacted the industrial design and 3D modeling studio KLONA with a request to create visualizations of solar panels in different time periods. The company needed to create graphic 3D models for further use in advertising materials, presentations and other areas.

The customer needed to create a visualization of modern solar panels, which attracted many new  investors to implement the project.

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Визуализация современных солнечных батарей


What was the task before us

It was necessary to create several 3D-models of solar panels with 60 sections, located on the roof of the house and batteries with 72 sections, lying on the mounts (solar farm). To implement the project, the customer provided photographic images of the panels, images of the desired final result and technical  product descriptions.

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Панели утром


Панели днем


Панели вечером


How the project was implemented

The first stage in the implementation of the 3D steel model:

  • Building scenes with 3D models of solar panels in the environment;
  • selection of the best angles;
  • creating scenes with solar panels and drawing infographics on them;
  • building scenes with the company logo.

3Д модели

The next step is based on working with the color and texture of the image:

  • Applying textures to 3D models;
  • correction of light and color of the image;
  • application of labels and inscriptions;
  • primary rendering of images.

At this stage, the customer receives graphics in low quality, it is necessary to assess the work done and make the latest edits.

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Создание 3d моделей

The final stage is based on the final image retouching and project delivery:

  • Making edits according to the wishes of the customer;
  • last rendering of images as 4000×2000 pixels;
  • color correction, applying logos and more;
  • delivery of ready-made 3d models.

3d моделирование

3D визуализация

What did the customer get

As a result of the work done, TORENS INDUSTRY UKRAINE TOV received 6 3D models of solar panels depicted at different times of the day: morning, afternoon, evening. High quality graphic materials are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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