Burglar alarm control unit design

The security company A1 Security Group got the idea to create its own brand of burglar alarms with a new, modern design. They asked the 3D-modeling studio KLONA to develop a design for an alarm control unit. The goal was to create a design of a modern product that would be focused on Ukraine and the EU countries. 

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Студия 3D-моделирования KLONA

Industrial Design

How the project was created

To develop the design of the project, A1 SECURITY GROUP provided photographs of existing models of alarm control units and a technical assignment with a full description of all the necessary elements (latch location, wishes for the appearance, location of the logo, cuts, fasteners, number of connectors and other elements). The design team was faced with the task of taking into account all the technical features of the future device and implementing it in two versions of the case: with and without a keyboard. 

Разработка дизайна

How the project was designed

Before starting the development of industrial design, KLONA specialists carried out research and identified the main trends in the field of security systems. Thanks to this, you found out the following:

  • Most manufacturers use outdated designs;
  • modern blocks are as minimalistic as possible;
  • monotony.

Разработка дизайна проекта

Разработка дизайна продукции

At the first stage, references were selected. After discussion and selection of the final ones, work began on the concepts of the control unit.

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Дизайн блока управления сигнализацией

Создание дизайна современного продукта

Our experts have developed 7 concepts in different colors and shapes for one model with and without a keyboard on the front panel. After the customer chose the best one, we started building a solid 3D model.

Концепты в разных цветах и формах

Построение твердотельной 3Д модели

At the final stage of industrial design development, the first prototype of the alarm unit panel was printed for discussion and revision. After that, KLONA proceeded to create and transfer the final product to the customer – the finished block design.

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Этапы разработки промышленного дизайна

Финальный дизайн блока

Why order at CLONA

We create not just a beautiful picture, but develop an attractive, functional design that will take into account all the features of the product and the needs of users. A whole team of specialists is working on one project, which makes it possible to take into account every nuance of the project being developed and make it perfect.

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