Development of industrial design for FORCEemotion health tracker

Caring for loved ones worries all people who have elderly parents or relatives who have health problems. Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life does not allow you to be with your loved one all the time and provide him with proper care. Nursing services are also very few people can afford.

To solve the problem of caring for loved ones, FORCE LLC made an innovative proposal and introduced a health tracker. The owners of the company turned to the KLONA studio to develop an industrial design for the FORCEemotion electronic health monitoring bracelet. This device monitors the condition of the person who wears it and transmits information to his relatives or guardians.

3D модель браслета для состояния здоровья

About the customer

FORCE LLC is a Ukrainian startup of students of NTUU “KPI”. In November 2015, the company hit $ 30,314 on kickstarter and went into detailing the express health analyzer bracelet. In December, the developers presented an application for Android. In the spring of 2016, the KLONA company was engaged in the development of a new industrial design for the device.

Requirements for industrial design of a gadget

4 electrodes must be built into the bracelet, at least two of which must be in contact with the human body. This ensures the continuous collection of data on the human condition. The conductive button should be on top of the case and the optical sensor on the inside of the bracelet. The backlight should change color depending on the state of the person.

Мониторинг состояния здоровья

Solution from the company KLONA

After the approval of the requirements for the industrial design of the device, we began to search for optimal solutions. The work was carried out in several stages.

Stage 1: market research

KLONA marketers conducted a market research for fitness bracelets, smart trackers and other portable gadgets. We have identified a high demand for this type of device, especially in European countries and the United States. As a result of the research, we formed a target audience and divided it into two groups:

buyers (men and women aged 25 to 55 with average and above average income);

users (men and women aged 55+).

 Трекер для отслеживания состояния здоровья

Such health tracker (bracelet) should be liked by potential buyers who will purchase it For a present your parents.

Stage 2: Selection of references for the industrial design of the device

To develop a device design that will appeal to the target audience, we have moved away from the usual design of smart bracelets. Looking for inspiration, they turned to wristwatches and other wearable gadgets.

Скетч браслет контролирующий здоровье

Stage 3: Development of industrial design of the gadget

A feature of the development of industrial design was the absence of restrictions in the design of the health bracelet, since all the boards except one are elastic. The bracelet consists of a body, which contains a hard board with an area of 3 cm 2 , and from the strap on which the rest of the boards are scattered. This guarantees constant contact of at least two electrodes with the body, which was the main requirement of the customer.


We presented three concepts to the customer. Each of them meets the basic requirement of the TK, but has its own design features.

Concept No. 1

промышленный дизайн устройства, трекер здоровья

In this concept, we proposed to divide the bracelet electronics into two parts. This helped to reduce the overall dimensions of the device. This bracelet has the most familiar design.

Concept No. 2

дизайн гаджета, трекер здоровья

The next concept is very similar to an ordinary wristwatch – such a familiar accessory for the elderly.

Concept No. 3

трекер здоровья браслет

The third concept was approved by the customer. It was chosen because of the ease of placing the electronics inside the device. The focus group also noted this concept as the most attractive. The backlight runs along the perimeter of the polygon and makes the gadget an unusual futuristic accessory.

Bracelet features

Мониторинг состояния здоровья

The health monitoring bracelet has built-in sensors for tracking heart rate, PPG and FOOD sensors. The product also monitors changes in the owner’s mood – emotional tension and stress levels. The bracelet is equipped with a gyroscope that acts as a fall sensor and notifies relatives about it for an immediate reaction.

промышленный дизайн носимого гаджета

Emergency call and indicator

There is a large “red” button on the front of the bracelet. It is not actually red in color, but is made of a conductive material. It reacts to touch and, thanks to a GPS sensor, sends an alarm with data on the location of the person to relatives. The indicator around the emergency button has two modes – “notification” (blue / green) and “trouble” (red).


The battery lasts for 10 days. The wristband is charged by a disc-shaped Qi Wireless Charger.

зарядка для трекера здоровья

Medication Reminders

Elderly people have variable memory and sometimes forget to take their pills on time. The bracelet has a built-in device to remind you of timely medication intake.


A special application has been developed for the bracelet, which stores all information about a person’s vital signs, allows you to view statistics and set up reminders. In the event of an emergency call, the application notifies the person that his relative has fallen or is in trouble.

приложения для отслеживания здоровья

Results of work

The bracelet is on NS tapes of pre-production preparation. FORCELLC now plans to launch sales of the device in the US and European markets by early 2017. So far, the best way to manufacture the bracelet is being selected. It will be made from polyurethane by injection molding into molds. The product is available by pre-order for their website

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