Creation of weapons for playing laser battles on the model

A private customer approached the 3D modeling studio with an interesting task, he needed to create a weapon body for playing laser tag (laser battles) according to the existing prototype. We were faced with the task of scanning the shape of the finished case, creating a mold for molding plastics and making a prototype.

3d сканирование объектов

How KLONA approached the task

The whole process of work can be divided into four main stages:

  1. 3D scanning of object details.
  2. Making a master model.
  3. Making a silicone mold
  4. Injection of plastics into silicone molds.

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3d сканирование деталей

How it all starts

First, you need to make a 3d scan of all the necessary parts, it goes through several stages:

  • Scanning by a printer;
  • obtaining a cloud of points;
  • creation of a solid 3D model and its revision, if necessary.

The main task of the revision is to correct all errors resulting from 3D scanning, making edits from customers.

Форма для литья пластмасс

3D сканирование

In order to proceed to the stage of making a master model, you must first print a prototype of the model on a 3D printer. This allows you to assess the future result, identify deficiencies and eliminate them.

After finalizing the model and polishing it, you can start working on the master model:

  • applying adhesive tape to the future parting line of the form;
  • closing all openings;

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3D модель

At the next stage, a silicone mold for molding plastics is made, on the basis of the resulting model, the first test version of the weapon body is cast. After a successful test and obtaining the desired shape, we moved on to small-scale production.

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Injection of plastics

Why Silicone Mold Casting Plastics

Injection of plastics into silicone mold Is not a simple procedure, but with a large number of advantages:

  • With their help, you can create not only solid, but also flexible objects;
  • suitable for multiple use;
  • simply separates from the finished cast mold;
  • low degree of resistance and internal stress of parts.

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