3D visualization of the device for therapy and diagnostics

The German company METAVITAL GmbH turned to the KLONA 3D visualization studio with the need to visualize its product. It was necessary to create attractive photographic images and videos of the diagnostic device, which will later be used for use on the Internet site, in software, as well as various advertising content.

Rendering of 3d models

How did the work begin?

The customer provided us with detailed photographs of the device from different angles, technical description and drawings. We needed to create a visualization of 3d models of the external and internal parts of the case, internal elements, display the method of assembly and disassembly of the device.

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Создание визуализации

Stages of 3D modeling, visualization of the project

Visualization of 3D models of the diagnostic device took place in 4 stages. At the first stage, such works were carried out as:

  • Building a 3D model according to the drawings and photos of the device;
  • building the internal components of the device.

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Студия 3d визуализации

In the next step, we started texturing the image:

  • Application of inscriptions and labels;
  • selection and application of textures to the model;
  • arrangement of lighting;
  • primary rendering of the image.

Рендеринг в низком качестве

(rendering in low quality)

3d моделирование

The first rendering of the image is carried out in low quality so that the customer can evaluate the range of work done and make his own edits.


After conducting the presentation and making all the edits, we proceed to the final rendering of the image in high quality. Here the customer received 5 high-quality graphic images in the format of 3000×300 pixels.

At the last stage, CLONE specialists began to create a video:

  • Installation of lighting and tracking cameras;
  • construction of the device circuit;
  • preliminary creation of video format 480p;
  • rendering in 4K;
  • imposition of effects and editing.

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Заказать 3d визуализацию

What happened in the end

At the end of the project, our team handed over to METAVITAL GmbH 5 final images in .PNG and .TIFF format in high quality (3000x300r, 300D dpi), as well as 4K video in .mp4 format.

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