Development and production of a new product in China for sale on Amazon


Background and task from the client

The client turned to the KLONA studio with a request to create a private label and redesign popular children’s products. Products are sold on Amazon.
Мы рады поделиться своим опытом на примере этого кейса.
We received the original product with the task from the customer to make the new design attractive, modern and marketable.

Search for a product manufacturer in China

To ensure a complete production cycle, we started the task by looking for a reliable manufacturer in China. It was important for us that the manufacturer could bring to life any design we created in the shortest possible time, control each stage of production and keep us informed, create a sample and send it to us and the client for verification.
Also, after verification, the manufacturer should launch the first batch of the product as quickly as possible.
With many years of experience and many reliable connections with old suppliers, the right manufacturer in China was found and involved in our project.

Creation of a private label

In parallel with the first stage, we started developing a private label. The process began with collecting information about the client’s business and products in order to understand what style and image the brand should have. After that, we started working on the brand concept, using creativity and drawing on our knowledge of design.

Having prepared the concept, we presented the ideas to the client and get his feedback. After we jointly chose the final version of the trademark, we began to work on redesigning the product.

Development of design concepts for a children’s rug with toys

We focused on creating a unique and attractive design that would meet the needs and preferences of the target audience – children and their parents. We worked closely with the client to make sure the design was in line with their brand and goals.

Our work process included several stages. First, we conducted market and competitor research to understand what design solutions work in this niche. We then created several designs in collaboration with the client to refine the details and make changes. We selected the necessary details (additional soft elements of the mat, soft and plastic toys) and created our own unique design of the mats.

Unique selling proposition (development of product advantages)

The design and functionality of each rug has been carefully thought out and rethought. Pleasant and at the same time interesting for the child color combinations that will fit into any interior of the house were found. We thought over the characters and the plot so that the child has the opportunity to develop while playing. Safe toys (plastic and soft) complete the overall composition. Their main goal is the development of fine motor skills of the child.


Preparation for transfer to production in China of the best concept

When the design was finally approved, we created mock-ups with detailed instructions for the Chinese manufacturer. The layouts included the smallest details of each product.

Instructions for colors and prints
Rug layout and ego elements
Colors and prints for rug


We handed over the finished layouts directly to the manufacturer in China. We controlled all stages so that each layout meets the requirements of the client and the manufacturer.


The manufacturer sends the first sample of the product to us and the customer for approval. After a thorough check and approval, the stage of production of the first batch of goods began.

finished product

The result is unique and useful products for children, which are united by a common trademark.

Product 1

Product 2

One of the main advantages of our services is an individual approach to each client. We strive to understand the client’s business and needs in order to create a logo, and create a unique salable design that displays their unique identity and helps promote their brand on Amazon.

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