Mammography redesign

In 2016, “Olgerd” LLC turned to KLONA specialists. The company ordered mammograph redesign … Due to the existing unfortunate design, the mammograph was inconvenient to use. A redesign of the appliance should correct this problem.

Mammography redesign

The new design had to take into account the needs of the doctor and patients. Before starting the development of a new design, KLONA specialists carried out target audience survey to find out her preferences. It turned out that the angular design of the device scares patients. Therefore, it was necessary to create a “softer” mammography design that would not be associated with painful medical procedures.


Mammography design: terms of reference

In the TK for the design of the mammograph, the following were put forward requirements

1. The device must have handles with which the mammograph can be held with 2 hands.

2. The geometry of the device should be based on popular forms of modern technology.

3. The mammography unit must have a premium look and feel.

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As a result, our designers have provided several concepts.

Концепт маммографа

Mammography design. Concept No. 1

This concept had several advantages.

  1. Compactness of the device due to the location of the handles.
  2. Manufacturability of production due to the division of the body into 2 parts.
  3. An original design that meets modern trends.
  4. Possibility of pressing the “Start” button simultaneously with holding the device.  

Mammography redesign

Mammography design. Concept No. 2

The advantages of this device were as follows.

1. Possibility of attaching handles from different sides.

2. Ease of use by men and women (due to the distance between the body and handles).

3. The location of the handles avoids the doctor’s contact with the patient.

4. Possibility of convenient location of connectors due to the width of the device body.


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Концепт маммографа

It was also developed several intermediate options mammography design. After the customer chose the optimal design, the modeler created 3D model device.


The result of our team’s work is the updated design of the mammography unit. The new design of the device met all customer requirements and industry standards.

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