A specialist is engaged in the manufacture of a 3d model - a 3d modeller or an industrial designer. Complex software is used for 3d modeling: 3DS Max, SolidWorks and others.

Development of 3d models it is the process of making exact virtual copies of objects. 3d modeling services are very popular not only in Kiev and Ukraine, but all over the world. This is because the development of 3d models is the first step towards creating a new real object.

You can order the development of 3d models at KLONA. We provide 3D modeling services in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

The cost of 3d modeling depends on the following factors:

  • the quality of the input data;
  • the complexity of the modeling object;
  • the number of objects to be modeled;
  • terms of project implementation.

The price of creating a 3d model in the KLONA company is from 700 hryvnia … Terms of project implementation: from 2-3 days.


Drawing up technical specifications for creating a 3d model to order

The terms of reference contains all the customer’s requirements, as well as everything that is already known about the future product, for example, dimensions, material of manufacture, design features, etc.

Making a 3d model in a special program

A specialist is engaged in the manufacture of a 3d model – a 3d modeller or an industrial designer. Complex software is used for 3d modeling: 3DS Max, SolidWorks and others. The specialist builds an accurate model based on the data of the technical specification and makes the necessary corrections.


Rendering is the process of turning a 3d model into a 2d image. Rendering includes applying textures, adjusting lighting, shadows, etc. Outcome of the process rendering – image in 2d format.


A prototype of a product is created only if the production of a 3d model is needed for the future production of products. The finished prototype allows you to evaluate the quality of the 3d model and its possible disadvantages. If flaws were found or other changes are required, corrections are made to the 3d model.

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3d modeling services by description

A custom-made 3d model according to the description is usually created when the object does not yet exist or it needs to be modeled with adjustments. Then the most detailed description of the future object is created, taking into account all the wishes of the customer and the requirements for quality and functionality.

Development of 3d models to order from photography

Making 3d models from a photograph is much easier and faster than from a description. The minimum required amount of initial data: three photos in the highest quality (top, front and side views).

3d-modeling according to the drawing

Creating a 3d model from a drawing is the most accurate way of 3d modeling. Since the drawing contains all the necessary data on dimensions and design.

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Application of 3d modeling

  1. Serial or piece production of products. Any method of production of products presupposes the presence of its exact virtual copy, i.e. 3d models.
  2. Advertising and marketing. Advertising often replaces photographs of objects with 3d-modeling and visualization. This makes objects appear brighter and more attractive. In addition, it is possible to add any details, make animations, etc.
  3. Computer games and films … With the help of 3d models, characters of films and games, as well as details of the universe, are created.
  4. Medicine. 3d modeling services are used to design prostheses, body parts, etc.
  5. Other areas in which 3d modeling is necessary: science, learning, interior design, construction etc.

Order 3d modeling services from KLONA. We will take care of your problem and promise that the result will surprise you.