Development of the body of the radio


A team of Ukrainian startups contacted us with an idea and groundwork for an original design project for a waterproof walkie-talkie, which is designed to be used in extreme conditions. The concept implied that the radio was completely head-mounted and intended for use in the air. We had to design a case that would be waterproof and fit well on the head.

3D-визуализация рации


The industrial design studio KLONA was required to develop the geometry of the radio case (each of its components) and design the interior of the device. The main difficulty was the implementation of waterproofing.

The target audience of the product is people who are engaged in active sports such as rowing, kiting, rafting on mountain rivers, snowboarding.

Also, the radio is focused on several professions: rescuers, foresters, security guards who need to monitor large areas.

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Разработка рации

Features of the technical task

We were required to make a case walkie-talkie waterproof, protected from dust and moisture with a degree of protection IP68. The radio was to be fixed behind the ears, the main part of the body is located at the back of the head.

Разработка геометрии корпуса рации

The main components of the device:

  • Walkie-talkie block;

  • Main headset;

  • Additional headset;

  • Remote PTT button;

  • External antenna for attaching a full face mask to a handset.

Разработка геометрии корпуса рации

The main task was to compactly arrange the internal parts:

  • Battery;

  • Bone conduction microphone;

  • Built-in antenna with an approximate length of 14-16 cm.

KLONA studio provides services of industrial design of electronics and helps to establish mass production of plastic products.

We also provided connectors. In total, 4 were required:

  • Micro USB 2.0 – waterproof connector for connecting a charger;

  • Audio Jack 3,5 – 4 waterproof connectors for the concept with Detachable main headset and 2 connectors for the concept with one-piece main headset;

  • Audio Jack 2,5 – for connecting a remote PTT button;

  • External antenna connector.

Разработка рации

Development of the radio case – industrial design studio KLONA

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Buttons were also an important task:

  • Swing button for volume control;

  • Swing-type button to change the signal reception wave;

  • Large PTT (Push-to-talk) button.

The approximate internal volume that the electronics occupies is 20-30 × 15 × 8 mm. It does not include connectors, retaining grooves and external buttons.

Разработка кнопки рации, KLONA

Walkie talkie design: PTT button design

Creating a radio case: design features

The creators decided that the radio would be modular. It is assumed that people can add details to the basic kit, depending on their needs. The industrial designer KLONA has developed the connecting system and the geometry of the case.

The radio unit is divided into 2 parts and connected by a frame. Both parts are located behind the user’s ears. The frame must ensure that the radio is firmly pressed to the user’s head.

3D-визуализация рации

The main headset consists of two in-ear headphones with built-in waterproof microphones. The earbuds hold the earbuds securely in your ear.

Рация, 3D-визуализация

Making a prototype of a walkie-talkie

After the approval of the concept, we made a prototype of the body of the radio, by 3D printing and polished it.

Prototype testing

The prototype of the walkie-talkie was tested by athletes: while running with obstacles in the rain, as well as by urban parkourists during classes in the city. We also ran a water test, putting the prototype on people who were water skiing.

Проектировка разъема рации

Preparation for production

After all the tests carried out, we slightly corrected the design, made new, more successful prototypes and prepared documentation for transferring it to production. Technologists will make a mold with which we can set up serial production products.

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