Airplane 3D rendering

A customer contacted KLONA with an interesting, complex and urgent task: to create a photorealistic 3D visualization of the Solar Impulse aircraft. It was necessary to visualize the plane against the background of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Airplane 3D rendering

Aircraft industrial design: difficulties and requirements

The main difficulty was that no drawings were found, and we needed to repeat the model one by one from the images.

Timing became the second problem. We had three working days for everything. For such a project, this is a short time, while high quality was required.

Requirements for 3D rendering:

  • realistic render;

  • high resolution pictures;

  • neat image without blots.

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Make 3D visualization: stages

1. 3D modeling of the aircraft

The first and most important step is creating a realistic 3D model of the aircraft. The sample was the photographs of the original, which we found on the Internet, since the drawings were not publicly available. KLONA 3D modelers traditionally work in Autodesk 3ds Max.

KLONA industrial design studio provides 3D modeling and visualization services.

3D-моделирование самолета

3D-моделирование самолета

Solid 3D aircraft model, no textures

2. Texturing a 3D model

Texture mapping is the second stage of the work. During the process, the 3D model receives the characteristics of a physical object, in our case, Solar Impulse.

Развертка текстур для 3D-модели самолета

Развертка текстур для 3D-модели самолета

3D-модель с наложенными текстурами, вид сверху

3D-модель с наложенными текстурами, вид сверху

3D-модель, с наложенными текстурами, вид сзади

3D-модель, с наложенными текстурами, вид сзади

3. Render setup

At the final stage, we achieve maximum realism of the picture, add shadows.

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We processed the final render in Photoshop.

Airplane 3D rendering

Final 3D rendering of the aircraft

As a result, we received a 3D visualization of Solar Impulse, which the customer liked and fulfilled all the requirements.

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