Industrial design and 3D modeling of a fitness bracelet

A healthy lifestyle has long become a fashion trend and is becoming more and more popular over time. That is why new devices appear that help people easily monitor their health and condition.

To KLONA  there was a request for development of industrial design and 3 D -models of a fitness bracelet. Its purpose: to measure general health indicators using plates that are in contact with the skin. All information is transmitted to a smartphone or computer and displayed in the form of graphs and diagrams.

After receiving the order, the company’s specialists began to create design concepts for the smart bracelet.

Concept No. 1

промышленный дизайн браслета

Concept No. 2

промышленный дизайн фитнес-браслета

Concept No. 3

разработка промышленного дизайна браслета в компании KLONA

In addition, the following intermediate concepts have been developed: 

промежуточные концепты

On the basis of the three concepts most liked by the customer, such elements as: the location of the buttons, the appearance of the reading panel and indicators, as well as the number of these indicators, their color and shape were worked out.

In addition, the designers of the KLONA company  We also worked on all the nuances of a sports bracelet, namely: color scheme, suitable form of fastening and fastening, etc.

3d-моделирование браслета

After presenting all the main concepts to the customer, the final version was selected and its revision was carried out: the color scheme, the form of indication, the location of the fasteners, etc. were approved.

After the final concept with all the nuances was approved and approved, the specialists of the KLONA company  started to finalize the 3D model for the subsequent manufacture of a prototype.

As a result, the customer received: 3 D – smart fitness bracelet model, final design concept, and  test sample for filling with electronic filling and subsequent testing and serial production.

разработка промдизайна носимого гаджета

KLONA specialists have accumulated rich experience in the development of industrial design and the creation of 3D models.

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