China Plastic Injection Mold

Industrial design studio KLONA has own workshop for the production of molds and can carry out a turnkey project – from design to release of a finished product. But sometimes it is cheaper and faster to order plastic injection molds in China.

It is more profitable to order a mold in China when you need:

  • a mold with a complex structure;
  • large-sized mold;
  • production in a short time (on average, production in China takes 1.5 months versus three or four in Ukraine or Russia).

Therefore, when clients contact the studio with these requirements, we offer cooperation with the Chinese as the best option. Moreover, CLONE managers have already established work with a reliable Chinese factory.

пресс-формы для литья пластмасс

A little about our partners

We cooperate with a Chinese factory that has been producing plastic injection molds for over 10 years. At every stage of production, modern CNC machines are used. The company has hundreds of successful projects, the geography of which is not limited to China. The company exports its products to more than 30 world countries.

пресс-формы для литья под давлением

What do you need to start production?

The Chinese approach to work is not much different from ours. Design  molds will not start until the client describes in detail what product he wants to receive at the exit. All properties of the future product are important: material, dimensional parameters, strength, moisture and dust resistance, functionality.

If the customer provides drawings, a 3D model or a sample of the finished product, this will significantly speed up the process. But even if the 3D model is already there and the design of molds for plastic injection is not required, the Chinese will still check the received materials for any deficiencies and make the necessary corrections.

It is also quite possible to order molds for casting without any preliminary work. Contact KLONA specialists for help: we we will develop a 3D model and we will print a prototype of the product.

пресс-формы для литья пластмасс в Китае

When the parameters of the future product are known, a technical assignment is drawn up for the production of a mold for injection molding. The following characteristics are taken into account:

  • type of injection molding machine;
  • product material;
  • type of gating system.

Quality assurance

When the terms of reference is agreed, we send it to our Chinese partners. Within a few days, they send a commercial offer in which they indicate important parameters:

  • type of gating system;
  • weight and dimensions of the mold;
  • mold material;
  • how many production cycles the mold can withstand.

купить пресс-формы для литья пластмасс

Depending on the listed characteristics, the cost of work is formed. Also, the price is influenced by the complexity of the product, the multi-seat mold (how many parts can be cast at the same time) and additional elements of the mold (wedges, sliders, wedge blocks, etc.). Production starts only after the customer accepts all the conditions.

The test casting is sent to the customer for evaluation. If he has any comments, the form is finalized.

The following forms of production control are possible:

  • the Chinese document the process with photo and video filming and regularly provide interim reports;
  • our representative travels to China and personally monitors how injection molds are produced.

What’s next?

The finished mold is sent to Ukraine for testing. After the test, a technological map of the mold is drawn up, which indicates:

  • operating mode;
  • cycle time;
  • material consumption;
  • waste sizes, etc.

If the customer is satisfied with all the parameters, he signs the relevant documents and becomes the full owner of the mold.

What projects have already been implemented?

You have learned how we work with Chinese partners. We have already successfully implemented several projects according to this scheme.

  • Radiator Grille Mold

заказать пресс-форму в Китае

  • Bucket mold

литьевые пресс-формы

  • Sled mold

проектирование пресс-форм

  • Container mold

проектирование пресс-форм для литья пластмасс

  • Box mold

заказать пресс-формы для литья

  • Decorative stone mold

китайские пресс-формы

Contact KLONA to order molds in China

As you can see, it is not difficult to buy plastic injection molds in China. Contact our managers and they will take care of organizing cooperation with Chinese partners.

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