Modular Phone Modeling and Rendering

3 D -Visualization is of great importance in the production of high-tech goods, because allows a potential buyer to evaluate the product without leaving home. Additional animation makes the product more effective and encourages buying.

Company KLONA  received a request: to develop modeling and visualization of a modular telephone, as well as to perform 3 types of visualization.

  модульный телефон

The work took place in several stages.

3D modeling and visualization

  1. Modeling the phone in a CAD program according to dimensions, taking into account the technical specification and the wishes of the customer.
  2. Texturing and color scheme of the object, drawing an image on the display, side panel, development and drawing of backlit icons.
  3. Development of the appearance of the sidebar icons and their application to the 3D model.
  4. Execution of visualization of individual views and their approval for subsequent visualization.

Модульный телефон

Four sidebar options: standard, music, call, video.

After 3 D -the model was completed and approved, our specialists proceeded to creating 3D- animation.

Animation creation

  1. Animation of rotation around its own axis in the form of separate pictures, with a given rotation step and the number of frames agreed with the customer.
  2. Animation approval and nuance refinement.
  3. Performs a vanishing cover animation based on a rotation animation.
  4. Approval of the animation of rotating the phone with the disappearing cover. Making minor improvements.
  5. Performs an explosion animation of the circuit based on the rotation animation. This type of animation is complicated by the fact that it animates each module as it is detached from the back panel.
  6. Animation of explosion of the circuit of all modules without extinguishing their indication.
  7. Coordination of the sequence of detaching the modules and synchronization of their detachment with the rotation of the phone.
  8. Animation of the explosion of the circuit with extinguishing of the LED indication of the modules at the moment of disconnection from the rear panel and backlighting at the moment of connection to the rear panel of the device.
  9. The final approval of the animation is the explosion of the diagram and all other types of animation, as well as individual angles and sidebar shots.
  10. Performing final rendering, rendering of all kinds of animation, as well as individual angles and sidebar shots in high resolution.
  11. As a result of the calculation, obtaining all the final images and animations.

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