Development of a 3D video about drilling rigs

Task: 3D-modeling of the drilling rig

KLONA was approached by a Canadian company that manufactures and sells drilling rigs. Our team was required to create a product video. Its goal is to explain as simply as possible the principle of operation of installations and tell about their competitive advantages.

3D-моделирование вышки

Fragment of a commercial – 3D model of a drilling rig and shelf

Requirements for a 3D commercial

  1. Didactic style. A clear explanation that simply explains the benefits of a particular installation.

  2. Limited timing. A short video was required, no more than 120 seconds long.

  3. No extra text.

3D-моделирование вышки для ролика

3D model of an oil rig for a commercial

Implementation: 3D-modeling and visualization of elements for a commercial

We created several 3D models, set directions and motion vectors for them to create animation. Then we started rendering. When the animation part was ready, we edited the video, adding the rest of the details.

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3D-моделирование помпы для ролика

Pump animation – 3D model for a commercial

Добавление инфографики на этапе постобработки видео

Добавление инфографики на этапе постобработки видео

3D model of the shelf and oil rig for the commercial: the result

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