Money clip design

A private client approached KLONA with an interesting task: to make a unique money clip with a character. The clamp was not planned to be produced in large quantities. This is an individual, souvenir item, if it will be replicated, it will be in a small series.

We were required to design a 3D character that would be positioned on the front of the clamp and adapt it to the fasteners. The client wanted the character to be alive, real, not reminiscent of a familiar silhouette. He sent references with post apocalyptic characters and art that conveyed the mood of the project.

Референс для 3D-моделирования

Money Fastener Design: Specifications

  1. The widest bill – 500 hryvnias – should be placed in the clip.

  2. The back should contain fasteners for bank cards and discount cards.

The customer wanted something unusual and memorable. So he came up with the idea for the character. 3 designers worked on the first sketches, who proposed more than forty variants of the characters.

At the first stage, we considered several dozen different options to determine the direction.

Промдизайн денежного зажима: эскиз,

Industrial design of a money clip: part of the initial sketches

Промдизайн денежного зажима: эскиз

Industrial design of a money clip: part of the initial sketches

Промдизайн денежного зажима

Промдизайн денежного зажима: эскиз, который наиболее близок к финальному варианту

Промдизайн зажима для денег: Эскизы

After reviewing over 40 sketches and a meeting, the team selected six concepts for 3D modeling … The KLONA renderer has rendered and textured the 3D models.

Промдизайн крепежа

Создание чертежа персонажа: первые наброски, концепт 1

Создание 3D-модели: концепта корпуса №1

Creation of a 3D model: the concept of building No. 1

Создание корпуса зажима

Создание корпуса зажима: первые концепты

3D-модель второго концепта зажима

3D model of the second clamping concept

3D-модель концепта

3D model of the third concept

The customer liked the shape of the fourth concept. We took it as a basis when finalizing the model before the second presentation.

Промдизайн корпуса зажима: поиск идеи и 3D-модель четвертого концепта

Industrial design of the case clamping: idea search and 3D model of the fourth concept

Наброски и 3D-визуализация четвертого концепта зажима

Outline and 3D visualization fourth clamping concept

The fifth concept is the most difficult to implement, there are many corners, each of which increases the cost of production. The customer liked it very much, but did not make it to the final.

Разработка 3D-модели корпуса: премиум-концепт

Development of a 3D model of the hull: premium concept

3D-моделирование персонажа: премиум-концепт

3D-моделирование персонажа: премиум-концепт

3D-визуализация зажима для денег

3D-визуализация зажима для денег: премиум-концепт

3D-модель шестого концепта

3D-модель шестого концепта

After the presentation, the client wanted to combine 2 concepts into one. He liked the character from the second concept and the shape of the fourth. The industrial designer combined 2 ideas and presented 4 more options.

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Концепты 3D-моделей со второй презентации

Концепты 3D-моделей со второй презентации

4 концепта 3D-моделей со второй презентации

4 концепта 3D-моделей со второй презентации

4 концепта 3D-моделей со второй презентации

The customer has chosen the option that you see below. We have finalized the model, turning it from design to engineering, and printed a prototype

Прототип изделия

The customer was satisfied with the character and prototype. Together with him, we handed over all the technical documentation.

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