Industrial design of the control panel for the smart home system

A company developing a smart home system turned to us to solve its problem. It was necessary to develop the design of the control panel to control the system … Previously, a mobile application was used for these purposes. For the convenience of customers, it was decided to launch the development of a control panel, which will be sold separately.

The complexity of the task is that a small console must perform a large number of functions, and at the same time be compact.

Production of control panels: from idea to production

Stage 1. Market research

The development of the control panel traditionally began with the research of competitors and consumers. CLONE marketers have researched the world market, because the company plans to sell the system in the UK.

We have identified the following trends in the results:

  • most systems use applications on the phone for control, which is not always convenient;
  • existing remotes are mostly bulky and inconvenient;
  • the design of the control panels is complex and has an abundance of buttons.

Пульты управления системы умный дом

The target audience is men and women with above average incomes who value comfort and safety. Most often these are families with small children.

Stage 2. Selection of references and preparation of technical specifications

The following requirements are formulated for this device:

  • ease of use to operate the system with one hand;
  • premium appearance;
  • maximum detuning from competitors due to appearance and functionality.

In the process of studying the market, we have selected the most successful options industrial design of household appliances.

Пульты управления - лучшие варианты

Development of the control panel design: 3 concepts

The developed concepts differed only in appearance. The final concept looked like this.

Together with a process engineer, we have endowed the console with the following functions and features.

Compact size.

Пульт управления - визуализация

Display availability with display of basic information (temperature, TV channel, music volume, etc.).

дизайн бытовых приборов

Voice recording capability and response to voice commands.

промышленный дизайн бытовых приборов

Switching channels with a slight movement of the hand.

дизайн бытовых приборов

Development of a 3D model and visualization

After discussion with the customer, we clarified some dimensions and made minor edits. Based on the finished 3D model, several 3D visualization options were created.

промышленный дизайн бытовых приборов

Results of the development of the control panel

The developed concept was used for a presentation to investors. After the project was completed, the customer contacted us and shared the news. The control panel design was received positively and will soon be launched production of control panels for sale in the UK market.

разработка пульта управления для системы умный дом

We invest in each of our projects and take great pride in the industrial design of the appliances we create. If you are faced with a difficult task in the development of industrial design of devices, contact KLONA. We will create for you a real masterpiece of modern design.

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