3D Modeling Snorkeling Mask and Manufacturing in China

Task: to make a 3D model of the mask according to the sample

Ukrainian entrepreneurs contacted KLONA, whose portfolio already included 2 working startups. They came to us with a ready-made concept: a project to create a snorkeling mask, which already exists and is successfully sold on Amazon and other sites, as well as in specialized sports stores. The market for masks in Ukraine was relatively empty. Our task was to make an analogue of a branded mask. Due to the fact that this is a replica, the cost of the product will be lower.

разработка маски для снорклинга

разработка 3d модели маски

3д-моделирование на заказ

The main challenge was creating design differences to circumvent patent prohibitions. In fact, it was required of us create a 3D model based on a sample but improve it.

One of the most popular snorkeling masks, commercial

Development of a mask distinction to circumvent the patent prohibition

The main know-how, which became a key difference from the original design, is the mirror, which was located at the top of the mask. It allows the user to see not only the underwater world, but also everything that happens over his head. As shown by surveys of the target audience, this is an interesting idea that consumers love.

The second change was the refinement of the geometry. We made it more attractive by smoothing the corners slightly, but the main goal was to bypass patent offices and prevent comparisons with the original. After processing, the mask was ready for registration as an independent invention, without claims of plagiarism.

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создание 3d-модели изделия

Development of a solid 3D model of a scrolling mask

Work started with 3D modeling … We made a drawing of the mask based on the physical original. We then turned this drawing into a 3D model. The next step was to improve the geometry of the mask, change it. We were required not to harm its physical characteristics, while we changed the appearance, rounding corners for visual differences and better technical characteristics.

The second significant part of the work was the implementation of the know-how that we described above: a system with a mirror that allows you to see everything that happens above the water surface.

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3D-визуализация маски для снорклинга

3D visualization of a snorkeling mask explosion diagram, 3D rendering

Before the presentation to the customer, we needed renders – realistic mask images. Among the standard renders in profile and full face, we always provide an explosion diagram – a render where the device is decomposed into parts.

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визуализация в промышленном дизайне

Explosion diagram of a snorkeling mask

Geometry uniqueness and USP development

We deliberately change the geometry and appearance of the mask so as not to fall under the prohibitions of the patent of the owner of the original idea. We build our Unique Selling Proposition around a mirror that provides a better overview compared to competing brands. It allows you to see not only in front of you, but also above yourself.

3D-визуализация маски для снорклинга

Серийное производство изделий из пластика: маска для снорклинга

Mold making in China

The last stage was mold making for mass production of masks in China. Our contractor partners with whom we have completed more than 10 projects are located in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong. The industrial center is a cluster for the production of molds, the workshops are equipped with the equipment of the Swiss company Agie Charmilles. There we made molds and started mass production of masks. If you want to implement your project at Chinese facilities, please contact KLONA. We will become your intermediaries!


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