Industrial Vaporizer Case Design

How did you get the idea to create a case for a vaporizer?

A client working in the US market contacted the KLONA studio. He ordered Industrial Design cover for the vaporizer. The ordering company sells marijuana smoking related products on Amazon. Among the products is the PAX vaporizer – a model popular in the States.

Industrial Design

For reference: a vaporizer is a device for smoking. The smoking mixture is poured into a special cell, and the device heats it up to a certain temperature. Due to this, active substances evaporate, in the case of marijuana – tetrahydrocannabinol.

The customer company constantly communicates with its customers. Some of them said that they would like to see a PAX vaporizer case in the range of the online store. The seller listened to the wishes of the audience and turned to us for professional help. You can contact us by phone or through the form on the website.

Market analysis

To begin with, we conducted a marketing research. As of 2017, smoking marijuana for medical purposes is legal in 28 US states. Eight more states have allowed recreational cannabis. In addition, there are organizations in the United States that are actively advocating for the legalization of cannabis at the federal level.

In the United States, smoking marijuana in moderation is considered innocent entertainment and equates to drinking alcohol. For example, in specialty stores in Colorado, residents of this state can freely buy up to 28 grams of herb to relax in the evening with friends. It is not surprising that marijuana smoking devices and accessories are in high demand in the US market.

industrial design vaporizer case

Preparation of technical specifications for industrial design

The client had several clear requirements for the project. First of all, the cover should not let in the smell that may come from the vaporizer. In addition, the product must be durable, dust and moisture resistant. The development of industrial design began only after discussing all the details with the client.

Preparation for production

The first step is to develop a 3D model . At the request of the customer, we have created several concepts.

The client appreciated the advantages and disadvantages of each of the proposed concepts. Based on the comments and wishes of the customer, we have developed the final 3D model.

The next step was prototyping … Based on the finished 3D model, KLONA specialists printed a prototype on a 3D printer. The result suited us and the client, so we started looking for production.

Manufactured in China

Thanks to internet resources and business acquaintances, we have found a reliable manufacturer in China. Before starting mass production, the Chinese made a mold and made a test casting. A crash test of the test sample revealed that the cover is not firmly attached: when it fell, it flew off.

3D modeling and mold completion

The professionals of the KLONA studio analyzed the finished prototype and came to the conclusion that it was necessary to expand the mount.

3D modeling

The prototype based on the new 3D model has successfully passed the crash test. At this stage, the client is preparing to launch mass production.

Startup Promotion: 3D Visualization

The creation of industrial design and the development of a 3D model is not all that we have done for the client within the framework of the project. We have prepared several options 3D visualization that will be used to showcase the product in the online store, as well as to launch advertising campaigns.

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