Subject visualization. 3D products for online stores

The demand and popularity of online shopping and online stores create massive demand for 3D modeling technologies and product visualization (subject visualization). Today in online stores you can buy almost everything, from household appliances to cars and jewelry. Subject visualization is 3d products for online stores. Not only does it drive sales, it is also an essential engine for online shopping.

3D visualization of the product Is one of the competitive advantages of an online store. 3d products for online stores, the three-dimensional model of which can be viewed from all sides, provide more visual information than high-quality photographs. And this, in turn, works much more efficiently than any promotions and special price offers.  
For clarity, we propose to consider an example of creating a 3d visualization of a mobile phone for posting on the website of KENEKSI, a Russian distributor of Chinese phones.

So how was the 3D rendering of a mobile phone created?

1. First of all, the distributor of Chinese phones provided us with a 3D modeling object – a mobile phone, for which it is necessary to create a high-quality object visualization.

KLONA specialists conducted 3d scanning of the phone on a 3d scanner , in order to obtain Point clouds required to build a three-dimensional model of the object. However, the resulting “cloud of points” rather mediocrely demonstrates the shape of the subject of modeling. This is due to the novelty of this technology and the presence of many flaws in its application. Therefore, we decided to go the other way, in order to get the most accurate 3d model of the phone.

3D-сканирование объектов

2. For this, projection scanning of angles and views of the modeling object

Образец для 3д модели  

The resulting views were put into a specialized program for working with three-dimensional graphics – into a CAD program and scaled to the actual dimensions of the product. After that, a preliminary 3d model of the phone was built from the projection views.

Создание 3д-модели телефона

Трехмерная модель телефона

3. To clarify the inaccuracies of the resulting product model, a quick visualization of the three-dimensional model was carried out. This allowed us to make the necessary adjustments and get a highly accurate model ready for mapping and texturing.
4. The next stage is texture mapping, lighting settings, texture scaling and preparation of the object for 3d rendering.
5. Conduct 3D visualization of single angles products and presentation to the customer.

Предметная визуализация

6. After that, the method of placing the product on the site was determined and a series of renders of various angles of rotation of the object was performed. Optimized the quality and size of the received files.

As a result, presentation renders were obtained – high-quality 3d visualization of a mobile phone, ready for placement on the website of a distributor company that sells Chinese-made phones in the Russian market.  

You can evaluate the result of our work yourself:

Создать 3д модель товара

Benefits of 3D visualization of goods

Online sales today are difficult to imagine without the presence of subject visualization of goods, which has found wide application in online stores of equipment and electronics, cars, clothes and shoes, jewelry, etc. Creation of a 3D model of goods has many advantages.

  1. Possibility of profitable and comprehensive product demonstration.
  2. The 3D model of the product is more realistic and objective than its photograph processed in a graphic editor. Therefore, product visualization is more trusted, in addition, it provides more visual information about the product.
  3. Animation effects and 3d visualization of the product both stimulate the emotional centers of the buyer and thereby motivate him to make a purchase.
  4. Online stores that use 3D modeling and visualization technologies are much more memorable to consumers than those stores that still use product photos. And this, in turn, increases the number of repeat purchases and the number of repeated user visits to the site.
  5. Among other things, you can use subject visualization of goods in 3D product catalogs, presentation materials that will be used for presentations to customers, for remote sales or at professional exhibitions.

KLONA provides high quality 3d modeling services, creation of subject visualization (3d visualization of goods) and scanning of 3d objects. Our experienced 3D modelers create unique masterpieces of subject visualization at loyal prices.

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