Subject visualization for an online store of digital and computer equipment

Object visualization is most often used in various online stores. The KLONA company developed 3D models and visualization of goods for the new Kharkiv online store of digital and computer equipment. Since the site of the store has not yet been launched, for the sake of confidentiality, we do not name it.

You can see examples of some works on visualization of digital technology below:



Benefits of Object Rendering and 3D Animation 

  • informativeness and objectivity – the product is presented as it really is, without any exaggeration or distortion of reality;
  • memorability – studies have revealed that site visitors better remember those sites where 3D models were used, moreover, most often they return to these sites after a second purchase;
  • visibility – 3D model of the product makes it possible to examine it from the side you want, and not only from the one that will be shown to you in ordinary photographs;
  • motivation – 3D visualization of the product additionally motivates to purchase, influencing the emotional centers of the site visitor.

3д-модель телефона


The head of the online store of digital and computer equipment, for which we created 3D animation, commented on his decision to use modern technologies:

“Today people are buying more from online stores. According to a study of marketing companies, sales in online stores are growing every year, customer loyalty to online purchases is increasing, which in turn increases competition in the market – over the past 5 years, the number of online stores has grown 3-4 times. So we decided to open our own store.
The niche of digital and computer technology was not easy to choose – these products account for about 80% in total. There are many competitors. I would even say too much, and therefore we understand the importance and need to interest buyers in something new, original. An excellent solution was to use 3D animation on the site. To begin with, we analyzed the entire range of products, and ordered the creation of subject visualization in 3D for those products that are in greatest demand. Also on our site will be presented all the latest digital and computer technology with the ability to scroll in 3D.
In the future, we plan to completely transfer the entire range of our online store to three-dimensional visualization and animation “

3д-модель электроники

Types of subject visualization for an online store

  • 3D photography – the product is photographed on a special rotary table for three-dimensional photography in various angles of rotation, and then all photos are combined into one file with 3D rotation;
  • 3D animation – using the built 3D model, a three-dimensional animation is created, which allows you to twist the product, zoom in / out, look from different angles.

The use of one or another three-dimensional visualization on the website of an online store is an additional advantage over competitors who still use only photographs and images of their products.

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