Industrial design for multivisor case

In 2016, Ukrainian startups turned to the industrial design studio KLONA for help. They developed the Wider multivisor, a projection monoblock with a panoramic 130-inch screen.

промышленный дизайн кейса для мультивизора

According to the idea of the developers, the device should be transformed into a compact box, which “with a slight movement of the hand” turns into a table. But in practice, the idea did not work out. KLONA professionals willingly took on an interesting project – to develop Industrial Design case for the multivisor.

промышленный дизайн в Украине

A few facts about the multivisor

  • Monoblock

A panoramic seamless display with contour lighting, a high-performance computer, a laser projection unit, hi-fi studio acoustics and an uninterruptible power supply are combined in one device. We took into account the complex structure when doing engineering 3D modeling : Provided the location and configuration of each element.

  • Teamwork tool

The main purpose of the device is to make the learning process more efficient through multi-window and panoramic display modes. The multivisor is suitable for educational and scientific events: lectures, seminars, conferences and presentations.

  • Connects to mobile devices

The device is compatible with professional telecommunication equipment at the hardware and software levels. This allows you to connect and use different external sources – from laptop to smartphone.

  • Mobility

The multivisor is a mobile design that is easy to mount and transport. To install it, an area of 3 square meters is required. m. Industrial design for a startup, which was developed by the KLONA studio, made it possible to embody these characteristics.

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Development of a 3D model of the case: how it was

When the inventors of Wider came to us, they already had a working prototype. To begin with, we got acquainted with the multivisor and its design, took measurements. The developers told how they represent the transformation of the device in theory and what difficulties they encountered in practice. They also demonstrated how the multivisor works, what to what and in what sequence you need to connect.

Learning how the device works helped us better understand where to start 3D modeling … For example, already at the preparatory stage, we realized that a separate case should be made for the projector in the main case.

промышленный дизайн для стартапа

When creating a 3D model, we took into account the additional requirements of the developers:

  • the case should transform into a table;
  • make the case shockproof.

Appliance body design: it’s rock and roll, baby!

We used musical equipment cases as a reference. These boxes are sealed, shockproof and easy to transport. Most often they are made of impact-resistant plastic and aluminum profiles. We also chose these materials.

3D modeling

The process of creating the case was challenging, but interesting. It was a bit like a game of Tetris: we tried to arrange the elements of the multivisor correctly, and when something didn’t work out, we swapped them. The task was further complicated by the fact that it was necessary to take into account the peculiarities of two types of construction – a case and a table.

разработка 3D-модели

Results of work

Based on the final 3D model, the second prototype of the multivisor was created. And after correcting the flaws, the customer launched small-scale production. The multivisor is already presented on the market of Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The compact design and the ability of the case to transform into a table are Wider’s unique selling proposition.

инженерное 3D-моделирование

KLONA studio – industrial design in Ukraine

The industrial design of the multivisor case has become another cool project in our portfolio … Do you want to order industrial design too? Write or call our managers to find out detailed information and discuss cooperation.

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