Mobile Application Design

KLONA designers are users. They understand most of the problems that exist in mobile app designs.

What is mobile app design?

Mobile app design – is the development of functionality and external design of programs that are installed on mobile devices. The release of platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8, as well as the transformation of the smartphone into a necessity, have stimulated the interest of designers in mobile applications. Convenience, creativity and productivity are the main criteria for the development of mobile application interface design.

Mobile app design: price depends on

  • time frame of the order;
  • the number of concepts;
  • tasks and goals of the application;
  • the scale of marketing research.


Technical task

It defines key points of cooperation between the customer and KLONA: price, deadline, communication features between the manager and the client.

Research for mobile app interface

KLONA designers are users. They understand most of the problems that exist in mobile app designs. Testing and analysis the latest innovations makes it possible to create a new and unique product that will meet modern trends and even shape them. Target audience research , her habits, way of thinking and lifestyle will help highlight the design concept.

Concepts for creating mobile applications

Layouts are created to visualize interaction user with interface panel. Manual mode makes it easier to match colors, fonts, and button locations. The designer will be able to make a rearrangement or a new sketch immediately after the customer’s comment.

Finalization of the project

Once the client has identified the best concept, it is modeled and tested for bugs. New app tested on devices with different formats and sizes of screens.

3 reasons to order a mobile app design from KLONA

  • team from 6 persons that work only on your order;
  • guarantee support for the first 3 months after starting the application;
  • personal manager , which will inform about the results of all stages of work.


Color solution

Don’t underestimate the color factor. For 85% of buyers, he main when choosing goods. Plus the color improves recognition brand. For example, red for Youtube, blue for Facebook or Twitter, green for Evernote, orange for Avast. Even for economical work applications color matters. Greenbot testing has shown that the use of black in app interface design saves battery life on AMOLED displays (organic light emitting diodes that are driven by an active matrix). Such displays are commonly used by Samsung, Nokia and HTC.

Icon size in mobile app design

Gadget manufacturers make the diagonal of devices more and more every year. How does a user interact with such a huge screen? For this, application interface designers use ergonomics. All elements must be sized so that the user can reach the icon with his thumb. For this, important elements are placed at the bottom of the screen.

Social media buttons in the mobile app interface

Authorization process often makes users lazy, therefore, to simplify the procedure, platforms use social media integration. Thus, the business receives information about the user: age, place of residence, interests, and the client spends just a couple of seconds to register.

Mobile app gestures

To facilitate interaction with the smartphone screen, as well as to empowering in mobile app design, use gestures … There are entire learning tables for learning them (from simple finger movements to expanded combinations).

KLONA experts recommend reducing the use of gestures if the application is aimed at a wide target audience. Research has proven that a very small percentage of consumers can immediately identify and remember where to use which gesture. And that destroys the ergonomics of your design. It is better to make button navigation with the ability to use gestures, because the consumer can always choose what is more convenient for him.

Where to order the design of mobile applications?

Order mobile design from KLONA. Our team is professionals in the development of innovative and ergonomic designs that will gain popularity among users. Contact the manager right now!