3d technologies are one of the most outstanding modern inventions of mankind, changing our lives every day. 3D printing technologies, 3D modeling and visualization, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping have entered the application in almost all areas of human activity.

Three-dimensional technologies have never been limited to the household level of application, they are widely used in both modern business and production processes. Consider how 3d technologies help business development.

3D technologies in architecture

Architecture is one of the areas of human activity that three-dimensional technologies have taken several steps forward at once. Previously, the development of an architectural model took months of time and required kilograms of glue and paper. Today, having a computer and a 3D printer, it is possible to present an architectural model of a future building to a customer literally within a few hours.

Creating a 3D model and 3D printing makes it possible to obtain accurate, attractive and realistic layouts for presentation to the customer. The architectural layout clearly demonstrates the entire infrastructure of the building – lighting, landscape, roads, etc.

The advantages of 3D layout are more than obvious:

  • speed of production of a demonstration model;
  • low cost of presentation layout;
  • the possibility of full-color 3D printing;
  • excellent layout quality, the ability to create even the most subtle elements and design details.

Presentation layouts

3d layout for presentation

The presentation layout of a product (device, part, mechanism, machine) – is a powerful advertising tool that attracts a huge number of consumers.

It is much more difficult for an investor or buyer to evaluate a product from a drawing or a picture than from its three-dimensional copy. In addition to advertising features and a profitable presentation of the layout, the 3D model of the product can be used for testing on consumer focus groups in order to identify and eliminate its shortcomings.

The production of presentation layouts became possible only thanks to the advent of three-dimensional technologies.

Types of presentation layouts:

  • models of instruments, devices and parts of mechanisms;
  • exhibition layouts (for product presentation at the exhibition);
  • model of a vehicle (airplane, car, bus, etc.);
  • educational and presentation layouts;
  • layout for medical purposes;
  • scale model of the landscape, etc.

Advantages of 3D printing of presentation layouts over the traditional manufacturing method:

  • low cost of the finished layout;
  • production of models with a higher level of wear resistance and impact resistance;
  • 3D layouts can be movable or collapsible, i.e. functional;
  • manufacturing speed;
  • the ability to create colored 3d models;
  • creating layouts with complex geometry, with different textures with a high level of object detail;
  • the possibility of replicating demonstration models.

3D prototyping

Creation of a product prototype Rapid prototyping technologies allow you to create a prototype of a new product, the production of which is at the launch stage.

A product prototype allows you to show how the finished product will look like in reality, what are its main advantages and disadvantages. This could be a prototype:

  • new vehicle;
  • industrial sample of products;
  • instrument or device;
  • plastic case of the new device;
  • industrial design objects;
  • auto parts;
  • furniture fittings and much more.

3d prototyping allows you to identify existing product deficiencies and correct them before the start of production of a large batch of products. In addition, the creation of a prototype allows you to test the product in real conditions, its functionality, ergonomics, design aesthetics.

Rapid prototyping not only saves time but also money for manufacturers. Allows you to start mass production of new products with confidence.

3D modeling and visualization of goods

The demand for online shopping is increasing daily. Modern consumers are no longer afraid to purchase goods in online stores. Moreover, an increasing number of consumers are making online even very expensive purchases – jewelry, cars, etc.

However, the usual photo and product description on the website of an online store is no longer enough to stimulate a purchase. Modern buyers are very demanding and want to get the maximum possible information about the product, and visual.

Thanks to modern 3D technologies, online stores can provide users with this opportunity. Creating a 3D model of the product and its three-dimensional visualization allows the site visitor to view the product of interest from all angles and from all sides, now the consumer can “support” the product in his hands.

Advertising visualization

In addition, most modern 3d models are interactive – they give the consumer the opportunity to view the details of the product or change its color. Today, such three-dimensional innovations can be seen on the websites of online stores of clothing and footwear, cars, household appliances, mobile phones, sports goods, health products, etc.

Souvenir production. Exclusive accessories. Decor

3D printed souvenirs

3D printing technologies allow you to create various souvenirs and promotional products.

  1. Figurines of famous characters and cartoon characters.
  2. Miniatures of architectural structures.
  3. Figurines of engineering constructions and sculptures.
  4. Corporate souvenirs, 3D logos.
  5. Mini-copies of people (created from photographs), etc.

Exclusive accessories

With the help of 3D modeling and printing on a 3D printer, it is possible to manufacture such accessories as:

  • cases for phones, tablets;
  • business card holders with a unique design;
  • unusual key rings;
  • jewelry (earrings, bracelets, rings);
  • glasses frames;
  • bags;
  • hair accessories, etc.

Toys, goods for children:

  • heroes of computer games or cartoon characters;
  • toys and constructors;
  • tennis balls;
  • cubes;
  • rackets and shuttlecocks for playing badminton;
  • hoops, etc.
Printing toys on a 3D printer

Elements of decor and interior design:

  • exclusive designer tableware;
  • elements of interior decoration;
  • non-standard furniture fittings;
  • unique prefabricated furniture for children’s rooms;
  • designer lampshades, vases, etc.
Production of decorative elements

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