3D printing is indispensable when it is necessary to make one or more plastic products in the shortest possible time. One of the clients contacted KLONA with such a request. The task was set before us – finalize industrial design and make two products based on the provided sample.

The work consisted of the following stages:

  1. Scanning an object using a 3D scanner.
  2. Manual measurement of the provided sample to refine the data.
  3. Building an accurate 3D model in a special program.
  4. Approval of the 3D model from the customer.
  5. Printing two items on a 3D printer.

As a result, we got 2 products that are completely identical to the provided sample. At the request of the customer, they were made in white.

3D modeling and printing of products

In addition to finished products, we also sent to the client 3D model, which can later be used for small or large-scale production. The customer was satisfied with the result and thanked us for the work done.

3D scanning and modeling by sample

3D printing is a relatively new technology, which, however, today is available to everyone and irreplaceable in the manufacture of various plastic products.

The possibilities of 3D printing are endless: from the manufacture of small items to the manufacture of mock-ups of houses. Contact Clone company for detailed advice. Our managers will help you realize even the most daring ideas!

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