On February 29, two appeared at Candylicious candy store, Dubai 3d food printer from the German company Katjes. The store is located in The Dubai Mall, the second largest shopping mall in the world. The Magic Candy Factory allows you to print a variety of sweets within 3-5 minutes. The cost of one product is $ 14-17.

The first such “factory” for printing food on a 3D printer was launched in Berlin in August 2015. In contrast, The Magic Candy Factory allows customers to create completely unique pieces. Customers have at their disposal an iPad with a special application. For 3D printing food twenty templates are used, among which there are octopus, butterfly, frog, turtle, etc. Using the app, you can choose the shape you want, combine different elements and even write “edible” words.

3d printing of sweets

The 3D food printer also allows you to create delicious postcards. The specialty paper will be coated with a custom designed sweet filler. The gift will not only be beautiful, but also delicious.

3d printer for sweets

For printing food on a 3d printer edible thread is used. In this case, a thread based on pectin made from puree of various fruits and berries. It does not contain gluten, soy, or milk, and won’t hurt any diet. The assortment also includes 8 fruit additives, among which the customer can choose, for example, mango or strawberry.

Currently, two printers allow you to create no more than one hundred products per day. In this regard, in the future it is planned to install several more confectionery 3D printers.

3d food printer

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