KLONA has its own king last Friday. The first, but not the last. And this is possible only with us. The fact is that our company has a long tradition – COLORONATION. This is a dedication to the best employees of the company. This usually continues throughout the day. The future initiate, secretly from his colleagues, performs various tasks related to his profession all day long. After successfully completing the quest, the entire team is going to celebrate this event. On August 5, our project manager passed the quest – Artemy Drobyazko … All day he performed difficult tasks, among which were the following:

  • “Sell” to the majority of employees the idea that the chicken appeared before the egg (almost no one resisted, Artyom has no equal in his conviction);
  • to braid our designer Max a pigtail (Max suffered, but bravely endured);
  • draw up a business plan for the launch of a new product – flip flops – mine detectors (not a single flip flop was harmed in the process).

In conclusion, Artem solemnly pronounced an oath. In it, he promised us and himself that he would be bold in his fantasies and ideas, vows to help colleagues and ask for advice, and will also continue to be the best in his field.


Once again, we congratulate Artyom on this significant event and we wish you new victories. All in all, everything went loud and fun. We are looking forward to the new KOLORONation. Who will be next – we will soon find out, but for now each of us will strive to become better, to earn your own crown.