Web3 in social networks. What will Web3 social networks look like?

Web3 in social media is a paradigm shift from the traditional web 2.0 social network. Its goal is to create a decentralized social media ecosystem where users own and control their own data .

And although there is still no decentralized social network web3 in its entirety, developers around the world are aiming to create something similar . Before you get to know what Web3 projects are developing right now, let’s get a picture of what Web3 social networks will look like in the near future .

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What will Web3 social networks look like?

What will Web3 social networks look like?

Web3 in social networks can help eliminate current user interaction problems and create a new ecosystem . We can only guess what Web3 social networks will look like . Nevertheless, there are already key parameters that Web3 social networks will have . It is these factors that will identify them as such.

Eliminate the tendency to view users as goods

Most of the existing social media platforms misuse the data we share during registration and sell it to third party advertisers. Facebook , for example, generated an average revenue of $50.25 per user in the US and Canada in the second quarter of 2022.

Web3 needs to end this trend . Web3 social networking will prioritize user security and privacy by eliminating centralized overseers. Instead, decentralized nodes and distributed storage networks will be used.

Enhanced Security

Information about web2 social network users is stored on a centralized server. Any cybercriminal can infiltrate the system and steal any amount of data . The Cambridge analytics scandal is one of the most infamous data breaches , in which the personal data of millions of Facebook users were used to advertise during an election .

Web3 should provide significant protection against cyberattacks and data breaches . To accomplish this task, developers need to use technologies such as:

  • Blockchain;
  • Encryption;
  • Cryptography, etc.

Web3 social networks are presented to us as platforms on which, leaving our data , we can be sure of their reliable storage . This is one of the key tasks to be solved to create the first web3 social network!

Improved control over content

Web3 needs to create the right to control data and content for users , not platform owners. You will own your content and social graph , and only you will be able to grant access to it to everyone. This way, no one but you can take advantage of your social graph .

In-App Payments

Blockchain technology , introduced primarily for cryptocurrency transactions , is an ideal option for integrating payments into Web3 social networks. We can highlight several advantages of using this technology :

  • Web3 on social networks will be able to seamlessly promote in-app payments with maximum security and ease of use.
  • Smart contracts will be able to further strengthen peer-to-peer payments without the need for a third party .

Developers should focus on integrating cryptocurrency transactions into Web3 social networks. Solving this problem will bring us one step closer to creating the first Web3 social network .

Compensation for famous posts and influencers

The principle of remuneration for the creation and distribution of content on the Web3 platform is planned to be borrowed from Web2 social networks such as YouTube.

However, in web3 social networking applications, user interaction will be tracked using blockchain accounting , which offers more reliable metrics for fair rewards. In addition, smart contracts will be able to initiate automatic payouts for influencers based on their performance.

Online Identity Verification

Web3 in social networks aims to solve the problem of fake accounts and bots . With web3, you will be able to enter your details into the blockchain , from where any web3 services or social media platforms you access will be able to cross-check your information to make sure you are a real person and not a bot.

Best web3 social networks in 2023

Best web3 social networks in 2023

Social networks are a common leisure activity for most Internet users on a global scale.

The popular social media platforms that we use on a daily basis are part of the second evolution of the Internet known as Web 2.0 , and this evolution ended abruptly with the birth of a new generation of the Internet: Web 3.0.

Although Web 3.0 is still at a relatively early stage compared to Web 2.0, this evolved version of the Internet has already proven to be more useful to users in many ways.

Among all the options, we have prepared two social networks that you should pay attention to in 2023.


Mastodon social network Web3

Mastodon is a free Web3 social networking platform for microblogging. It was first introduced in 2016 , and its founder is the German programmer Eugene Rochko .

Mastodon uses a standardized, open communication protocol that allows any website in the ecosystem to easily interoperate . If only Twitter and Reddit users could communicate with each other.

The first thing you need to know about Mastodon’s work is that it creates a federated universe called the “fediverse”. It includes many services without a single authority and does not have a single point of failure. The platform implements the interaction of federations using the open ActivityPub protocol developed by the W3C. Any software that also implements federation via ActivityPub can interact with Mastodon, for example :

  • Pleroma is a modular microblogging engine;
  • Pixelfed is a decentralized image sharing mechanism;
  • PeerTube is a decentralized video sharing platform similar to YouTube ;
  • Plume is a platform for publishing long content.

People need an alternative to social networks like Twitter or Meta. As of this writing, Mastodon has 1.7 million users . This is 23% more than in November 2022 .

In order to start using Mastodon , you need to select a server for registration. This is your service provider, just like choosing a mailbox like Gmail and Outlook to create email. At the moment , Mastodon has 9.8 thousand servers of various topics, including:

  • Art;
  • Technologies;
  • Games, etc.

In addition to the category, you can select a server by region , language , legal structure (public organization or individual) and registration speed . Mastodon allows server administrators to set one of the following login modes :

  • Open registration . On such servers, the registration process occurs immediately: you just need to enter your email, username and password.
  • Server invitations . Instead of an open registration form, server admins require the creation and distribution of invitation links in order to get to the resource.
  • Registration after approval . In order to create an account on some servers, in addition to your data (mail, username and password), you need to pass verification. Usually, moderation asks you to tell why you want to join the server or why they should accept you.

The final step in registration is to create a username and your domain . Your name on Mastodon , like email accounts, consists of two parts :

  • Your local username, for example “alex”
  • And a domain, for example “ earthstream.social

The interaction between the participants is the same as in the case of e-mail. You can only use the local username when communicating on the same server . However, in order to share your account with other users, you need to enable the domain or you won’t be found.

Hey! I’m @alex on Mastodon.Wrong
Hey! I’m @alex@earthstream.social on MastodonRight
Hey! I am https://earthstream.social/@alex on MastodonRight

Mastodon’s user search form will be able to find the right person either through a link or the address form above. As with email, alex@gmail.com will not be the same person as alex@outlook.com.
Mastodon has every chance of overtaking Twitter in terms of the number of users in the next few years, will it happen next year or ten years from now? We can only guess.


Mirror - decentralized web3 platform

Mirror is a decentralized web3 platform for publishing content on the Internet. The project was developed and presented in 2020 by Denis Nazarov as an alternative to Medium .

The platform guarantees authors the permanent storage of their publications using the Arweave protocol. It can be compared with the Library of Alexandria, only on the Internet. Even if the Mirror network ceases to exist, all content will forever remain in Arweave.

The platform allows authors to earn money in various ways , for example:

  • Sale of NFTs . You can create an NFT of your publication, which can then be auctioned off to readers or a publication. In addition, every time your NFT is sold, you will be able to receive royalties.
  • Crowdfunding . In addition to generating an NFT from a publication, you can also crowdfund your idea. Readers invest in writing it, and then when your story is finished, they get a share of the profits.
  • Embed NFT . As a creator, you can also add NFTs to the publication and profit from them. Essentially, the more NFT is used in published content, the greater its value.
  • Call to actions . Just like any other post on the web, you have the option to add your own CTA link to your article. It can link to anything you have to offer and want to pay more attention to.

The first Mirror crowdfund with John Palmer brought the writer 10 ETH , about $17 thousand . at the time of writing. Contributors received $ESSAY tokens. After writing ” Scissor Labels “, John sold the NFT representing the piece and made it possible for contributors to get some of their contributions back.

To start using Mirror , you will need an Etherium – enabled crypto wallet . With this tool, authors have the opportunity to sign their articles, giving them their own identity. Most often, users use Metamask , but you can use another option. If you want to create a web3 post now, do the following :

  • Connect your wallet;
  • Sign the transaction;
  • Create your name and portfolio;
  • Post content.

Mirror functionality is constantly evolving . Having received the first $10 million. investment in the summer of 2021 from USV and Andreessen Horowitz, the project continues to delight us with updates today. One of these updates was the ability to reward your subscribers for being active . This can take the platform to the next level and improve web3 as a whole.

Benefits of Web3 Social Networking

Benefits of Web3 Social Networking

Web3 social networks are developing by leaps and bounds , and this is no accident. Here are the main benefits of web3 social networks :

  • Decentralized social networks provide more power , privacy and potential back to the user .
  • These platforms are aimed to build communities and share information and ideas in a more efficient , private , community-driven and transparent way .
  • The decentralized web allows users to have freedom of speech without being censored by corporate politicians.

The development of web3 social networks may completely change our understanding of the Internet . However, there is still a long way to go to realize their full potential .

Best Web2 Social Media Platforms for Web3 Marketing

Best Web2 Social Media Platforms for Web3 Marketing

Despite this, there are still Web3 companies that need to use centralized Web2 platforms in order to reach a wider audience .

Because many people still browse centralized platforms on a daily basis, they can’t be left out of the equation for marketing purposes just yet.


Web3 in Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based social media platform with a user base of over 550 million monthly active users .

Telegram users can purchase and exchange TON and BTC cryptocurrencies in the app . In order to perform such operations, you need :

  • Open the Telegram app on your device;
  • Add Wallet bot , it must be checked;
  • Link your bank card ;
  • Start using .

The minimum purchase amount for BTC is $25, TON is $15. You can also send crypto from your other wallet.

Telegram provides many features that bring it closer to web3. For example, after the update , released on December 6, 2022 , it became possible to register anonymously in Telegram without using a SIM card .

Platform users have the opportunity to buy both a phone number and a ready username . Variants are placed on the platform fragment . The cheapest username at the moment is 2 TON ($4.4), the most expensive is 10,500 TON ($23,100). By the way, the first purchased username @auto was bought for 900 thousand TON , at the time of purchase – $1.4 million .
Known for its privacy features, this platform has become popular with people concerned about online privacy and is therefore the platform of choice for Web3 enthusiasts .


Web3 on Twitter

Twitter is a centralized social network , where users and community members can share their user-generated content , short-written tweets, retweet messages from other community members, and join Twitter spaces.

There are 217+ million daily active users on the platform, with 350,000 tweets sent per minute , for a total of half a billion tweets daily .

Twitter is the place to find the most influential people in the crypto space . Web3 and blockchain developers use Twitter as a powerful marketing tool to attract an audience to their project. Here are a few reasons why Twitter is so popular for web3 marketing :

  • Virality . Information circulates very quickly on Twitter. Cryptocurrency projects, especially those that are just starting out, can greatly benefit from this feature.
  • Cross-channel marketing. Twitter is used as an advertising platform for various industries. Twitter ads can be instantly posted to Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc.
  • Exposure. Politicians, celebrities, organizations large and small, and ordinary people on Twitter provide much-needed publicity for cryptocurrency projects.

With a large number of users on the platform, blockchain accounts and web3 projects, Twitter has become a hub for Web3 marketing .


Web3 on Discord

Discord is an instant messaging network that has evolved from a gaming hub to a Web3 hub , as many Web3 users and companies use the platform to promote their projects and grow communities.

The platform has approximately 140 million monthly active users and 300 million registered accounts , making it a prominent channel for Web 3.0 companies and projects to focus their marketing efforts on.

Discord offers services related to cryptocurrencies, DeFi , and Web 3.0 businesses, making it a great platform for building and successfully managing communities.

Conclusion: The Future of Web3 Social Networking

The Future of Web3 Social Networking

Web 3.0 technology opens the era of new media networks , allowing users to communicate with each other and create online networks.

The fact is that our favorite social media platforms in Web2 often do not have developed data privacy priorities, and this is becoming increasingly important for both older and younger people.

Any great platform cannot be sustainable if the privacy of community members’ data is not maintained at a high level.

Our team has extensive experience in the direction of Web3 . If you want to order the development of a Web3 social network – you are in the right place ! We will help you realize your plans and create your own Web3 application . Leave your contact details to order the development of the Web3 social network right now!

Do you think Web 3.0 social networks are just the tip of the decentralized iceberg?