Quadcopter (from the English. quadcopter ) Is an aircraft with four rotors. Among all multicopters, this particular type is the most popular. unmanned aerial vehicles … They are quite small and highly maneuverable. Quadrocopters have found their popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, explorers and entrepreneurs.

Due to the simplicity of construction, quadcopters are also often used in amateur modeling. In the KLONA company you can order the creation of a 3D model of a quadcopter, which will guarantee the accuracy and quality of all elements. Modern technologies allow us print out parts for a quadcopter for 3 D-printer , after which you can manually assemble your unique model. In addition, the production of quadrocopters is a business idea that very few people are still engaged in in Ukraine.

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Quadcopter device

Let’s consider in detail the features of the device and industrial design of quadcopters.


Quadrocopters differ in their design solutions depending on the location of the rotor … The figure shows the most popular of them. The arrow indicates in front of the quadcopter – it is in this direction that the device is flying, and not where the pilot is looking. Two screws rotate clockwise and two more counterclockwise.

Quadcopter device

Flight principles

During flight, the orientation of the quadcopter in space is determined by the angles roll, yaw and pitch which correspond to the three Euler angles. The required direction of flight is achieved precisely when these angles change during control. In addition, there is still gas quadcopter , which is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the rotational speeds of all screws. Gas determines the height of the quadcopter and is measured as a percentage – the higher the percentage, the faster the device goes up.


The flight is carried out thanks to the control of these four parameters using the control panel. Modeling a quadrocopter is a difficult engineering task, because it is necessary to maintain a balance between the mass of the aircraft, engine power, center of gravity and other factors. You can always trust development of quadrocopters for industrial designers of the company KLONA … We have experience in solving complex technical problems, and we take a responsible approach to each order.

Stabilizing the drone while shooting

The quadcopter has another gas – hovering … At the same time, the quadcopter does not lose altitude and can be in stabilization mode … The apparatus retains its position and is not influenced by external factors. This mode is required for shooting high quality frames with long exposure. Stabilization is possible thanks to the built-in GPS sensor. In addition, stabilization gimbals with cameras are separately produced, which ensure frame stability in case of sharp maneuvers. Normal stabilization is not possible if one of the motors is damaged.

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Depending on the configuration of the quadcopter, it can be equipped with different sensors, which adjust the position of the apparatus in the air , and also allow you to carry out the necessary operations. Gyroscope and accelerometer are mandatory devices on board the quadcopter. The first is responsible for measuring the angular velocity, and the second is for measuring the acceleration. The quadcopter also needs speed regulators to control the signal from the controller.

The quadcopter can be equipped with special instruments for measuring meteorological indicators (barometer, anemometer, thermometer) and even the environmental situation (gas analyzers, etc.). This allows it to be turned into a small weather station or an environmental monitoring station.

Some models have built-in camera , the quality of which depends on the manufacturer. Usually, users choose the camera separately and independently install it on the quadcopter. Modern quadcopters use lithium polymer batteries as a power source. This allows them to work continuously for up to 30 minutes.

Industrial design of a quadrocopter

Drone dimensions

The average mass of a quadcopter fluctuates from one to four kilograms. At the same time, they can transport cargo up to several kilograms – professional cameras or small parcels.

Meet tiny models that fit easily in the palm of your hand. Their length does not exceed 20 centimeters and production of such quadcopters is much cheaper than the manufacture of large-sized devices. They are convenient for home use and turn into a safe toy for children. However, such models are more difficult to manage than standard ones, so it is not recommended to purchase them for first use.

Modeling and visualization devices from KLONA will help you evaluate its functionality even before starting production.

Quadcopter Cheerson CX-10 only about the size of a matchbox, but still retaining all the features of a standard quadcopter. He confidently keeps in the air and easily performs complex tricks. Despite its tiny size, the quadcopter is capable of carrying a small action camera with it.

Quadcopter design

Medium Quadrocopters from 20 to 50 centimeters can already raise a professional camera for high-quality aerial photography. In addition, skillful tuning of the quadcopter can significantly improve its performance – reduce weight by changing the battery, amplifying the signal, increasing the flight range, etc.

Service 3 D printing quadcopters and their parts from KLONA helps users upgrade low-cost drones to professional devices.

Large quadcopter length exceeds 50 centimeters, and they are particularly durable. They are able to maintain balance in any adverse conditions, withstand falls and head-on collisions. Such quadcopters are used for delivery of goods over long distances, for filming distant objects (for example, a volcanic eruption). They usually have a powerful battery, which increases flight time, and their radio signal range is several kilometers. It is not recommended to fly with such quadcopters indoors, as it may be unsafe for people. Therefore their used only on the street.

Building a quadcopter

The SteadiDrone Q4D-X quadcopter has a payload of about 8 kilograms, and its flight time is 60 minutes.

Noise of the quadcopter

Noise from the quadcopter directly depends on the size of the screws, also from materials from which they are made. If you use a quadcopter outdoors, then this drawback becomes almost invisible, especially when making virtual flights. Today there are special noise canceling devices for quadcopters. In addition, you can always use ear plugs or special ear protectors.

Technological innovations in the device of quadcopters

Born to fly learned to crawl

The question of the possibilities of landing and fixing quadrocopters on uneven vertical surfaces is still not fully resolved. However, in March 2016, Stanford University students submitted SCAMP – flying landing and climbing robot … SCAMP is another nature-inspired robot, borrowed from gecko

The robot is equipped with a “tail” with which it makes a soft contact with the wall, and small “legs”, similar to the legs of a gecko. They allow the robot to gain a foothold on the surface. After fixing the robot can move along the wall. The integration of this robot system with modern quadrocopters will allow you to survey from any angle on any surface. In addition, being in a fixed position, the quadcopter will consume less energy.


Return to home function

Modern advanced quadcopter models have a mode Return to launch which returns the device to the specified position.

Water quadcopter

Parrot Hydrofoil Drone consists of a drone and an Airborne boat. It can take pictures on the water and is easily controlled using a smartphone app.

3d model of quadcopter

First Person View

The latest versions of professional quadcopters allow you to integrate them with video glasses and broadcast the resulting real-time image from the first person.

Quadcopter Design Ideas

From design trends to popular materials for production, we’ve rounded up the top ideas for quadcopter development.

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Modern Quadcopter Design Trends

Modern quadcopters, despite their different configurations and shapes, differ elegant, slightly futuristic design, and look like spaceships. As well as among other industries industrial design , dominates here minimalism

Quadrocopter production

Walkera QR X 350- PRO

In addition, a popular destination is insect or zoomorphism when the device looks like a beetle or reptile. Sometimes this also affects technical solutions, as in the case of a robot that can crawl on walls, which we wrote about above.

Simulation of quadcopters

DJI Inspire

Most of them have streamlined shape to reduce resistance. By far the most popular color is White … Among budget models, you can also often notice the combination acid colors with black.

Quadrocopter development

Frame design

The most popular frame in the manufacture of quadcopters is one where the propellers are located according to the “X” principle. This ensures better camera exposure between the screws. Generally, the larger the diameter of the screws, the higher the efficiency. Exactly frame of the “X” format Allows screws to be fitted with the maximum permissible diameter.

Protective frame: quadcopter tuning

An element that gives reliability to the structure, and at the same time is a design element – protective frame for screws … With it, you can not be afraid of quick damage to the screws in a collision or fall.

Industrial design of quadrocopters

Quadrocopters UDI U818A and Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

Making a quadcopter: materials used

Quadcopter body make made of lightweight materials , which allows the apparatus to soar unhindered into the air. Professional-grade quadcopters are made from fiberglass and / or carbon fiber. These materials have become popular for their durability, lightness, and ease of industrial production.

Carbon fiber not as strong and light as fiberglass, but more flexible and parts from it are easier to manufacture and connect. Fiberglass characterized by high rigidity, but also greater fragility , is more easily destroyed on impact. It is advisable to mix materials and make the frame out of CFRP and fiberglass for the center and motor mounting plates. Thus, the carbon fiber will protect the internal structure of the quadcopter from impacts, and the filling will not be damaged.

Quadcopter assembly: production technologies

Many quadcopters use plastic injection molding. Modern enclosures are often made of a monolith of plastic (for example, Kydex). They are characterized by increased durability in the manufacture of small quadcopters and water resistance. Connect the necessary parts with aluminum pipes … Square tubes are by far the most common, but they bend and break too often.

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Let’s take a closer look at the modern industrial design of quadcopters on the example of one of the most popular quadrocopters – Phantom.

Phantom is the market leader in quadcopters

today Phantom 3 is the most popular quadcopter model and is presented in various modifications. On March 1st, DJI (the world leader in the drone market) unveiled its flagship Phantom 4. Like all previous models, the propellers of the quadcopter are located with the letter “X”. Despite the fact that outwardly the device has not changed much, in fact, the model is much more improved. A more streamlined shape and a shift in the center of gravity closer to the propellers made it possible to achieve higher maneuverability and better aerodynamics … Magnesium alloy for the case increased its strength and rigidity.

Industrial Quadcopter Design

Ultrasonic sensors allow detect obstacles and fly around them, while maintaining the original trajectory. TapFly allows you to set final destination , to which the quadcopter will fly by itself, avoiding obstacles. Thanks to camera mode ActiveTrack the drone can set an object around which it will fly and shoot it. At the same time, he does not use GPS – he is helped two cameras for navigation.

New camera shoots 4K video with 90 viewing angle O The flight range can already be 5 km, and the duration – 28 minutes.

Applications of quadcopters


Quadrocopters are a useful research tool used to testing and evaluating new ideas in knowledge-intensive areas (navigation, flight control theory, robotics, etc.). University researchers are showing the increasingly sophisticated aerial maneuvers that quadrocopters are capable of, from performing flight maneuvers on their own to flying in groups.

Quadrocopters have found their recognition among specialists computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering due to their relative cheapness and simplicity of the mechanical design. This makes them versatile testing platforms. In addition, quadcopters are indispensable for studying animals in their natural habitats. For example, the drone of amateur filmmaker Bruno Kataoka filmed rare footage of black killer whale hunting for little shark.

commercial activity

The most popular use of quadcopters is due to aerial photography capabilities … In this case, it is possible to shoot remote and hard-to-reach corners. This allows you to get rare or even unique footage from a safe distance.

Photo from a quadcopter

Photo taken with a camera mounted on a quadcopter

In addition, quadcopters are used for delivery of small loads over short distances. In 2013, a drone was used to deliver a package of medicines across the Rhine for the first time. It is possible that delivery by parcelcopter will completely replace courier delivery within cities.

Multi-batch production of quadrocopters is a great business idea, which practically no one is engaged in in Ukraine. Become a leader!

Today New York has already developed concept station for quadcopters where they can recharge.

Quadcopter development

Station for quadcopters “Uley”

Unfortunately, the commercial use of drones is already acquired a negative connotation … Many paparazzi use quadcopters to capture celebrity footage, forcing the latter to further isolate themselves from the public. In addition, even amateur photography of closed government areas presents threat to national security for any country. In this regard, there is a double attitude in society towards quadrocopters. In the United States, the legality of using these devices has been the subject of heated debate since 2006.

Military and law enforcement use

Quadrocopters are used for intelligence and observation , search for missing people in hard-to-reach areas. Canadian company Aeryon Labs noted that quadcopters are very useful in monitoring the movement of drug dealers in the depths of the jungle. In addition, quadcopters can carry weapons, ammunition, or themselves become a weapon of distant destruction.

The authorities of many countries consider drones to be a real threat and are developing programs to block their flights … In Britain, a special device Skywall 100 has been developed for the safe capture of drones in prohibited areas. For capture, a net and a small parachute are released, which guarantees the safety of the device.


“Bazooka” Skywall 100 for capturing drones

On May 16, 2016, the Kiev police began testing quadrocopters on the Kiev-Odessa highway. According to them, it is will help you react faster to emerging accidents in places of traffic congestion.

New opportunities: quadrocopter – business idea

At the end of 2015, Ehang introduced a new model Ghost drone 2.0 … As in the previous version, control is carried out using a telephone. The new model is equipped with a 3-axis video camera and shoots video in 4K format. When connecting VR glasses you can watch the video in real time … Thanks to the sensors on the glasses, the camera tilts when the head is tilted. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of virtual flights.

Quadcopter cost

Quadcopter prices fluctuate from $ 15 for small butterfly-sized models up to tens of thousands of dollars for professional large-sized models. The latest Phantom 4 is priced at $ 1803. The earlier Phantom 3 Professional is available for $ 1,352.

How to make a quadrocopter with your own hands

Despite the fact that many large companies have already built a quadrocopter business, you can do it yourself.

To create the drone of your dreams, you will need 3 D-model of the case future apparatus. You can always order modeling and production from the company KLONA

After printing all the details, you can safely start assembling the quadcopter! You can entrust the assembly to us or take part in this exciting process yourself.

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