Smoking cigarettes today is not fashionable, let alone not healthy, and in most places it is prohibited. But electronic devices are very popular (and not only among hipsters).

There is a demand in the market, and if you have an offer, then you need to take care to sell it as profitably as possible. And since the principle of operation of electronic cigarettes is the same for everyone, the emphasis has to be on design. The team of the KLONA industrial design studio understands modern trends and will generate the best option especially for you

Now let’s understand the world of electronic cigarettes : what it is, how it works, and where you can experiment with size, shape and color.

Smoke anatomy: filling influences the design of e-cigarettes

Since quitting smoking became a trend, on the shelves of shops and stalls there are many electronic cigarettes different structure and configuration. Generally they can be divided into two types: “closed” and “open” … The former offer a system with a capacity – a tank, which you can refill with liquid yourself. They are like long handles. The latter have pre-filled cartridges and look more like cigarettes. Cartridges are also disposable or reusable.

Smoke anatomy: filling influences the design of e-cigarettes

Both types of cigarettes include in their structure:

  • cartridge or container for liquid;
  • atomizer vaporizer;
  • air pressure sensor;
  • microchip, sometimes also microprocessors;
  • lithium battery – in open systems;
  • LED that simulates smoldering.

Disposable cigarettes do not have batteries and cannot be recharged by refilling them. The container of the smoking liquid (cartridge) can be separated from the aerosol generator (atomizer). If two elements are connected together, it is called a cartomizer.

Modern cigarettes are usually equipped with an atomizer with a metal or ceramic heating element. All components can be modified independently, changing the composition of the cigarette and its effectiveness. The cartridge (cartomizer) and sometimes the battery compartment contain air holes: the air flow helps smoking and also controls the pressure in the cigarette.

Smoke anatomy: filling influences the design of e-cigarettes

To create electronic cigarettes, materials are used:

  • metals;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic;
  • rubber;
  • fabrics;
  • foams.

Software elements and microchips not present in all cigarettes. Electronic components are used to supply power and to display, record parameters : battery charge, frequency of use, average cycle of use and safety warnings. Some microprocessors regulate the pumping systems in the cigarette. CLONA, a studio that has brought together the best specialists from the world of industrial design, will help you choose the best material and place it in an attractive building.

According to a study by the Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego, users generally tend to use one type of e-cigarette :

  • 51.4% use only closed ones;
  • 41.1% – only open ones;
  • 7.4% use both.

Former regular cigarette smokers prefer open e-cigarettes

A heating element
A heating element

How does an electronic device work and why a designer should know it:

How does the electronics work?

The process includes three stages: preparation, aerosol generation and actual smoking.

First stage – transportation of liquid to the atomizer. Most cigarettes use a capillary effect.

Capillary effect illustration
Capillary effect illustration

Other fluid handling options include programmable or mechanical pumps, valves and diaphragms. The pump is peristaltic, pushing, eccentric, screw. It can be driven by electrostatics, piezoelectric, magnet, thermal processes.

Second stage – generation of aerosols. This includes heating with an incandescent element and / or generating dispersion with an ultrasonic generator / mechanical device.

Heating elements are linear, spiral, cluster, valve, laser and combined. The resistance of the heating element, its material and voltage determine how the air flows and heats it up.

Third stage – the aerosol heated to the formation of steam is inhaled by the smoker. Actually, this is where the participation of the electronic cigarette in the process ends.

How does electronic work and why a designer should know it

Usually these processes remain invisible to the eye: the mechanism is hidden in the case … But if you “bare your gut” and add backlighting, you might end up with something worthy of attention. In principle, you can play with any element and extract aesthetic value from any moment of electric smoking. The main thing here is fantasy, which our specialists will not take.

Electronic cigarette design

The e-cigarette is just one of the variations of the so-called personal vaporizers (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). The configuration of the cigarette affects the potential risks and benefits of its use.

The design of electronic cigarettes is developed in such a way as to resemble traditional ones.

Electronic cigarette design

The interesting thing is that in the manufacture of goods in this segment, there is a very dense feedback: manufacturers introduce innovations proposed by the consumers themselves … These upgrades include higher capacity cartridges and increased voltage.

The main elements that are emphasized in marketing:

  • advanced activation (many buttons to activate);
  • auto shutdown (safety measure);
  • short transport-heating circuit (safety measure);
  • variable voltage.

Different voltages, that is, the electric voltage in the heating element, allows you to adjust the heating temperature. The higher the temperature, the hotter the aerosol and the more steam is blown out. The hotter the steam, the more liquid it contains in relation to the volume of air. Also, the size of the aerosol particles depends on the temperature, which, in turn, affects the inhalation and toxicity of the vapor.

Electronic cigarette design

As already mentioned, cigarettes are divided into open and closed. Their design depends on it. Older generations of electronic cigarettes were mostly closed and resembled regular cigarettes in size, weight and appearance. These configurations prevent users from refilling cartridges with third-party fluid. Closed systems are offered with a limited range of flavors and nicotine concentrations. You cannot customize them.

Open systems operate on a do-it-yourself basis. The container can be opened and filled with any smoking mixture, giving users a wide range of flavors and nicotine content. They can buy base ingredients and mix them as they wish.

Electronic cigarette design

Open systems are usually larger than conventional cigarettes. They are also capable of delivering more nicotine than unopened ones. Plus, users change the voltage, respectively, the heating temperature of the liquid, which means the strength and amount of smoke.

Since we are talking about heating, it is important to choose the right material for the case so that it does not burn your hand in the process, or to correctly create the shape. By the way, it can be as complex as you like – modern 3D printers are able to reproduce any angles and bends with increased strength, since there will be no unnecessary seams in the product

Interesting that open systems are more likely to lead to smoking cessation On the other hand, closed users continue to smoke more often. This is seen in a study conducted at the Institute of Psychiatry and Psychology, King’s College London.

Design as the key to success

As for the design of the cases of open electronic cigarettes, there is a lot of room here. It is important to preserve function and take care of convenience storage, transportation and use.

Modern systems provide room for customization, and the result can be both trendy gadgets and steampunk themed smoking devices. How much it will be “tenacious” can be found out having made and tested a prototype

Open Electronic Cigarette Cases Design

Recently, not only functional, but also stylish devices are especially popular. That is why electronic cigarettes take on the most unexpected forms . These can be futuristic geometric shells with neon lighting, and flat cases that follow the shape of smartphones.

Electronic cigarettes take on the most unexpected shapes

Plays no less a role visualization of packaging electronic cigarettes. Making a decision to switch to electronic cigarettes and further quitting smoking is often emotional, irrational. And then a nice box can encourage you to purchase a new device .

Cute box of electronics

For a design to work, you need to analyze the details: study trends, explore colors as a motivator, look at competitors’ proposals. This is an energy-intensive process on which success depends. And if you value your time and want a good result – contact the industrial design studio KLONA. We will do all the hard work, and all you have to do is collect the cream.