Character development for a computer game

KLONA received a request to develop character for a computer game Sci-Fi style. The character was supposed to be unusual and memorable, because in games the characters are assigned key role … An interesting storyline, a well-developed world and a quality character are the most important elements for the game. It is the character that moves the plot of the game forward.

Создание персонажа

To develop game characters, you need to find out key features of the game and the role of the character in the game The customer’s game takes place in the distant future, in which humanity has reached its technological peak. Therefore, the designers and artists of the KLONA company needed to make a robot character.

Besides, in terms of reference it was said that the character should have the following additional characteristics:

  • female;
  • not a combat specialization.

After that, the concept artist of the company proceeded to create the character. The artist was tasked with developing the character’s appearance and clothing. With their help, you can convey the character and story of the character.

The first stage can be called “Search”. Based on the TK, the artist was looking for optimal shape and silhouette for the character. Among the sketches created, the customer chose one for further refinement of the development.

Creating a character for the game requires an integrated approach. Trust the specialists of the KLONA company!

Разработка персонажа

2D character creation

At this stage, the artist details selected image. Also, the artist selects colors for the character. High detail helps make the character more realistic. The color scheme affects the perception of the character by the players.

The main colors of the character are dark grey and White … Additional –  red and yellow

Silhouette robot character maximum resembles a human. At the same time, it was necessary to avoid the “sinister valley” effect. Because of him, robots that are too similar to humans cause fear. Therefore, the artist decided not to endow the character’s face with human features.

As a result, the artist painted for the game 2D character which is completely meets the requirements of the modern computer games market

Создание персонажа для игры

Creation of a 3D model of a character

After the character of the game was completely drawn, 3D Modeler … Based on the resulting drawing, he began to create 3D model the character of the game.

For 3D modeling, KLONA specialists use the program Autodesk 3ds Max … Thanks to this, our 3D modelers can create 3D models of any level of complexity.

After the 3D model of the game character was done, it was time for rendering … During this process, colors, chiaroscuro, textures are applied to the 3D model. Different textures accentuate different character elements. For example, metal body and clothing. Roughness, smoothness – all this helps to “revive” the character.

KLONA offers 3D modeling services. We guarantee the high quality of the final product!

Моделлирование персонажа для игры

3D character animation

3D characters for games more versatile than 2D characters. Once created, a character can be used many times. For example, for animations

The customer had a requirement that the created character for the game it was possible animate … The 3D model of the character was created with these requirements in mind. Anchor points were applied to the 3D model of the character to create “bone” animation. Thanks to this, the animated model moves naturally, without jerking or distortion.

The result of our work is the original character for a computer game

The more thoughtful and high-quality the game character is, the more successful the game is. Therefore, the development of the character for the game should be done by professionals.

Our specialists will develop a character of any difficulty level for you. Contact KLONA now!


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