Animation creation

The vast majority of modern animation projects are implemented using computer animation, including 3D modeling. Computer software optimizes the process of changing frames and gluing them, and also facilitates the process of creating the graphics themselves.

Animation creation (or animation) is the “revival” of the artist’s fantasies. Animation is used both in a sphere entertainment (movies, cartoons, games), and for business … In the latter case, 3D animation is used to create colorful commercials , a video about the company, a spectacular display of architectural projects, etc. The use of modern technologies allows for better communicate with consumers , surprise them and achieve more success

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Hand-drawn classic animation

In the past, animations were created simply by hand, with artists drawing each frame separately. In this case, it was necessary to draw 24 frames to make just 1 second of video. After that, the frames were filmed and glued into a single row. This painstaking technology is still used in full-length anime (for example, Studio Ghibli).

Computer 2D and 3D animation

Overwhelming majority modern animation projects are realized with the help of computer animation , including using 3D modeling … Computer software optimizes the process of changing frames and gluing them, and also facilitates the process of creating the graphics themselves. 3D animation has a number of advantages compared to 2D animation.


  1. No distortion of proportions. With manual drawing, minor mistakes are inevitable when rotating shapes. 3D animation allows work with a solid object at once , therefore, when it moves, there will be no distortion of facial features, etc.
  2. Gives the most complete picture of the object. The creation of a three-dimensional model allows you to show the object from different sides at any time and for this you do not need to draw it again. This is especially important when demonstration of the subject from all sides
  3. Acceleration of production … Compared to classical animation technique, 3D animation is significantly speeds up the process of creating videos due to the ready-made sets of 3D-models that can be easily modified in the process of creating a video.

What determines the cost per second of 3D animation

The main limiting factor in the cost of a video is number of objects … In addition, it is influenced by their level of detail … It can take a few days for a simple character to animate, but if the character has to be very detailed and there are a lot of objects in the frame, this increases the level of complexity and cost.

For more specific information about the cost per minute of animation, you can find out having contacted with our managers.

Price: from 4 thousand hryvnia.


Stage 1: script creation

To begin with, a video script is invented. Based on this, the artist draws a storyboard – detailed storyboard of key scenes. Without this stage, all further work is meaningless: the project manager must see that the artist correctly understood the task and the necessary angles.

Stage 2: drawing individual objects

Next, you need to draw characters and backgrounds , as well as other elements (interior, vehicles, key items, etc.).

Stage 3: creating 3d models

Based on concept art, modelers create full 3 D-character models , add textures to them, etc.

Stage 4: animating 3D characters

After that, the animators proceed to “Revitalizing” the model … For this, “bones” are added to the character, which determine the kinetics of the character. The animation will look like natural and smooth when an anatomically accurate model is created.

Stage 5 – Creation of animation videos

Models are added to the scene, keyframes are created , the background is drawn, etc. As a result, we get ready-made animation video.


Creation of commercials with animation

There are many uses for video animation depending on the purpose. Let’s consider the most popular destinations.

Information visualization Is the best way to be remembered by consumers or clients. For this, advertising is supported by photos, animations, videos. However, if the photo captures a moment of only 1 / 24-1 / 30 of a second then the video is unlimited. That is why modern companies use animated video content for communication with consumers.

Ads can be fully animated or contain separately animated characters. At the same time, you can implement any plot, and show the product from the best side. 3D animation is popular for creating advertising with different target audience … For example, there might be an animation in an ad for baby cereal with animated dinosaurs, or a serious ad for a razor for men.

Games: Reality Animation

For PC and console gaming, one of the key requirements is realism … Modern games are almost as good as real movies. 3D animation of games is so advanced that many frames are even difficult to distinguish from photographs. Professional software for creating 3D animation allows you to achieve high level of realism … The most popular 3D animation software packages are AutodeskMaya and 3DsMax.

There are also browser games or flash- games that can be completely created for commercialization or serve as entertainment for your website visitors.

Flash game creation takes only a few months to develop animation and graphics for such a game. Another very developed industry is games for portable media , which are not inferior in quality to PC games. Juicy animation 3 D-object with a gripping storyline, it quickly attracts the attention of millions of players.

Creating videos with screensavers

Every newscast, modern TV show, and even YouTube blogs contain screensavers … In this case, a screensaver is required. at the beginning, middle and end of the video … She introduces the material and focuses on the brand, and in the middle – splits the video into logical parts as it is done in the text using paragraphs. A branded splash screen distinguishes the video from others and emphasizes the professionalism of the company

Computer animation for creating cartoons

At the present stage of the development of animation, you can also notice striving for a high degree of realism … Universal engines allow you to optimize the animation process and achieve high results. Modern indie developers also prefer to work with 3D animation to get the videos they want. Computer animation is used to create social cartoons or hidden advertising.

Creation of 3D-animation for the site

When developing UI / UX design must be guaranteed best user experience with the site … You can improve it with animated objects and buttons. Site with interactive elements looks more attractive to users, and they stay on it longer.

Architectural 3D visualization

Virtual tours are very popular, and the ability to add dynamics to them through animation makes them even more effective. Music and dynamic lighting allow convey the mood , and a person will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of the house. Such projects sell much better , because the buyer immediately imagines himself in such an environment.


Animation allows you to realize any plot ideas and unusual ideas that a screenwriter or artist has in mind. Yoghurt rivers, talking cats and burning water – this does not happen in nature, however, it can be drawn and even more so it needs to be animated!

Animation of anthropomorphic characters

Animation allows animate any imaginary creature , give it human features and release it on the screen. Many food brands have their own signature character, which is the protagonist of commercials. Durable the character’s association with the company helps to strengthen its image. For example, the most famous M & M’s signature heroes are Red and Green. No cartoon is complete without character animation, even if it is a ball or triangle

Illustration of abstract and hidden concepts

Everything that is hidden from human perception can be reproduced using computer simulation … For example, we do not have a video recording of a black hole engulfing a star, but we have an idea about it, and we can make an animation of such a process. Also, we do not see how the protein transports endorphin through the cell, but we can simulate its path. Animation is widely used in biology, medicine, physics, chemistry and other science-intensive fields.

Animation on the verge of fantasy

In reality it is impossible look into the past to historical events or see the life of microbes without a microscope. Almost all cartoons are solid fiction , which was realized thanks to the animation. Animation is also used to show non-standard concepts, inanimate talking objects and flying penguins. In the hands of a skilled animator, even a whale can dance.

There’s a lot going on in animated cartoons metamorphosis , characters travel in time and in general anything could happen … Coca-Cola’s famous ad about how the world works inside a Coke vending machine is one of the best examples of ad animation on the brink of fiction.

Animation of the future

New technologies or devices that are so far under development must be demonstrated to investors effectively. It is for this purpose that 3 D-animation of product or technology prototypes … This allows you to show the invention from the best side and even speed up its launch. They also animate large construction projects and even cities in order to predict their development in the future.

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