Creating the geometry of the glass bottle

The industrial design studio KLONA at the beginning of its work specialized in the development of the geometry of glass bottles for alcoholic beverages, mainly vodka. Today we have a lot more work in our portfolio, but this service is all still available … Our portfolio includes more than 20 projects for the development of unique bottle geometry. Among the most interesting vodka mermaid … We presented the customer with 3 concepts. They differ in shape, they have embossing and curly patterns.

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Наброски геометрии бутылки

Bottle Geometry Sketches – 3D Model Concepts

Геометрия бутылки стеклянной

3D visualization of a bottle with a label, “Rusalka” vodka

3D-визуализация модели бутылки в 2 вариантах

3D-visualization of the bottle model in 2 versions, vodka “Village Moonshine”

3D-визуализация модели стеклянной бутылки

3D-visualization of a model of a glass bottle, “Belogor” vodka

The CLONE studio will help to develop the geometry of the bottle. Tell us about your project, the window for contacting the manager is in the lower right corner.

Creating the geometry of the bottle: the stages of work in KOLORO

  1. Pencil sketches. Designers sketch out about a hundred geometry options. The first stage is rough, it is needed to see all possible options and select the elements that we ultimately decide to use.
  2. Next stage – sketch, crafted in Photoshop. It is accurate, proportioned, and in color. This sketch shows the bottle from different angles. It builds on the previous ones. The designer collects the most successful ideas from the rough stage in a single coherent concept.
  3. The third step is creating a rough orthogonal drawing
  4. Based on the drawing, design polygonal 3D model … During creation, the concept may change slightly, minor edits are made.
  5. Creation of the first 3D visualizations for presentation to the client.
  6. Create an engineering 3D solid model in SolidWorks, which has the same physical properties as the bottle. With SolidWorks, containers can be tested for their ability to withstand stress, pressure, and temperature.
  7. Prototyping (printing a plastic prototype on a 3D printer). At this stage, you can check the shortcomings that were not taken into account in the previous stages.
  8. If everything is ok with the prototype, we move on to the next step – creating a mold … If there are serious flaws, we go back a step and make adjustments to the engineering 3D model.

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It is important that in parallel with the industrial designer, a graphic designer works in the team. It creates a label design that cannot exist in a vacuum, apart from the bottle design.

Полигональная 3D-модель винной бутылки в сетке

Polygonal 3D model of a wine bottle in a grid

Bottle design: a case study

Custom bottle geometry is an option for brands that want to stand out from the competition. One might mistakenly think that a special form is the prerogative of premium segment brands. However, this is not a mandatory rule.

The unique shape of the bottle can be appropriate for each price segment of drinks, including low- and mid-price ones. An example is the case of Bayader Group on the launch of Vozdukh vodka. Unusual but simple geometries make the product stand out on the shelf. Together with the interesting presentation and the availability of USP (special production method), the branding worked. This is confirmed by the sales results: for 6 months, Vozdukh vodka took 2.5% of the market. The result exceeded brand management plans.

You can order a bottle design for your product in the KLONA industrial design studio. We will make your product visible!


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