Industrial design of a nasal device

Today we are going through healthy lifestyle boom , of which sports are an integral part. Being in shape is not only great but also very fashionable. Thanks to the abundance of different sports, everyone can find something to their liking. It is not at all necessary to exhaust yourself in the gym if there is yoga and fitness, or vice versa – if someone loves to sweat, the barbells are waiting for him.

In connection with the popularization of sports activities, a lot of auxiliary tools appear: from applications on the phone (calorie counting, workout tracking, etc.) to useful devices (fitness bracelets, smart balls, smart rackets, etc.). Applications motivate a person and make him move further towards his goal, while useful tools significantly help to increase the effectiveness and duration of a workout. In addition, they monitor the health of a person and do not allow themselves to be overloaded with unnecessary exercises.

One of our clients approached Klona with a similar request for an assistive device for athletes. Task: develop industrial design and build a 3D model of the nasal device (booster – booster) Before starting work, we conducted a market research and identified the target audience of such an accessory.

1. This device helps athletes with great physical exertion and increases endurance. With it, the duration of training can increase by 30-40% due to the enrichment of the lungs with concentrated oxygen.

назальное устройство для спортсменов

2. The device is also useful for people who have respiratory problems.  For example, for people with a damaged nasal septum, a nasal device can help restore even breathing.

3. The nasal booster can turn into an everyday accessory for those who spend a long time. in a highly polluted area (for example, goes along the highway). In the current environmental situation, this is especially important for residents of megacities.

4. The nasal device helps people with hay fever feel confident even near flowering plants. Given the length of the flowering season, life won’t be so bleak for almost six months. It will also be useful for people with other allergies.

 назальное устройство для людей с поллинозами

After carrying out the necessary research and drawing up a technical assignment, our specialists got down to work. At the request of the customer, each element of the device was developed and approved separately. After presenting the concepts, the customer chose the one he liked best in each group. On their basis, our designers have made 3 concepts of the whole device, which were once again presented to the customer. The most successful version was once again revised taking into account all the wishes. The final version of the device is presented in the figures below.


Промдизайн защиты для носа


  Device application: circuit

применение назального устройства

In addition to the design, it was also finalized and approved 3d-model of the device , which was later used for mass production. For clarity, we have printed a 3D model on our 3D printer. Printing made it possible to better evaluate the functionality of the finished product.


In industrial production, the product is made of Medipren hypoallergenic material, which provides the most reliable protection for the user. The resulting device turned out to be very useful and in demand. among amateurs and professional athletes. Of particular benefit are noted runners – the nasal device has become an indispensable assistant when running long distances and preparation for marathon races.

назальное устройство для бегунов

Development of industrial design is the first step towards the launch of mass production of any product.

Trust the experts CLONA company , and we will develop for you a design that will meet all market requirements and your wishes.

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