In what differences between art and design? And what does an industrial designer do?? Does he make books, bridges, websites, clothes, or sandwiches? Shed a little light on the profession of industrial designer and its difference from activities in the field of art.

The answer to the question what does it mean profession “industrial designer” often even those who are well acquainted with art and design do not know. A majority people do not know at all, what is industrial design … However, these areas have their own nuances. We have highlighted 6 key differences between the work of an artist and an industrial designer

End product

In general, and artists and designers are working on creating a visual product … but artists create visually appealing things as the end result for users. The drawing or illustration is conveyed final vision of the idea by the artist … This results in an illustration in a book, a canvas in a gallery, a work in a frame that hangs on the wall, or a mural – all this final consumer product

Functional product design

For designers, creating a beautiful picture is one of the forms of communication, which is just one small step in the product preparation process … Industrial designers use rendering, sketching, modeling and other ways to share ideas with a whole team of people who are working to create a usable finished product. It could be a video game, movie, lawn mower, laptop, backpack, or piece of furniture. The initial sketches, renders and layouts not intended for consumer eyes and serve only to illustrate design solutions to those who help bring them to life.

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In most cases, the problem that is solved artists – this is an idea they want to share with others … They create works of art and their problem has been solved. Industrial designers face problems of their clients that they have to decide.

Solving industrial design problems

For example, a company wants increase product sales which they have been producing for years. What does an industrial designer do? His work turns into solving a few small problems. They should lead him to a conclusion that will help convince potential customers that the new product is better than the one they already own.

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To do this, a designer can go in several directions: refresh the design , improve ergonomics , apply new production method to reduce the cost or add new function … In the end modern product becomes more convenient to use and costs less than the previous one. Thus, industrial designers solve customer and consumer problems.

Skill level

Craftsmanship Is a term describing skills that are used to create a product. Artists are skilled craftsmen, because without a high level of skill, their work will not differ from the work of beginners. Usually the artist’s skill grows over time and therefore the value of works increases that he creates. The skill of the designer is communication and solving design problems quickly and elegantly … Industrial designers are not required to have the same high level of skill as artists to sell their ideas. The higher the skill of an industrial designer, the more valuable he is as a specialist. but his works don’t get much more expensive

More about how industrial design affects sales , read here … We have collected 5 case studies of companies for which industrial design determined their commercial success.

Development of industrial furniture design

Interaction with consumers

Human interaction with works of artists wears passive and visual … If it is not an installation or sculpture, the interaction is very minimally … In case of industrial design contact is the most important part of it … Most designers design solutions for common problems creating products that consumers often encounter. Furniture, tools, electronics, kitchen utensils or machinery – all these items are created with the end consumer in mind

Functional product design

Which destiny have works of art ? They are used for visual stimulation , as Scenery or for illustrations of some plots … Products made by designers must be functional to be successful … Functional design is a term that means that a product serves a specific purpose.

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Just because the prettiest bottle opener is hi-tech designed with ultra-lightweight carbon fiber doesn’t mean it’s functional. Such material may be short-lived or not sharpened enough to open the can. And if such a product is also 100 times more expensive than a convenient opener, it turns out that it cannot be sold as a consumer product

In this case, instead of being a functional product, the carbon fiber opener would be considered a work of art rather than serve its intended purpose. Most likely, it will not go into mass production. It leads us to the final difference between art and design.

Development of industrial design Kiev

Manufacturing of products

A work of art is usually created in order to be sold in the original for money that matches the amount of effort and hours put into it. Industrial design is developed with mass production in mind. A consumer product, app, graphics, or interior detail – it doesn’t matter what it is. The number of pieces of a product determines the features of industrial design.

The more complex the product design, the more important it is to think over the optimal design. For example , automation of production processes should reduce labor costs. Industrial designers are trying reduce production costs and take into account the product life cycle (from concept development to use and disposal). In doing so, they integrate these features, making the product more consumer-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Industrial design (Kiev) is being developed for mass production of products. In our last article, we described own production for plastic injection molding. There you will find a description of our workshops, equipment for production of molds and technology of casting products.

Hopefully now the differences between art and design have become more visible … These are not interchangeable things, they serve different purposes. but both of them are important and require a lot of strength and energy to master them … Let us know what other informative material you would like to read.