How to develop a mouse design that would be convenient for a blogger, programmer, designer and gamer? What would a keyboard look like that would be suitable for both fast touch typing and gaming?

These and other questions, as a rule, do not arise for us every time we sit down at a work or home PC. We just take these things for granted without even realizing that Industrial Design a mouse or keyboard for your computer is result of labor many specialists.

Unusual mouse design that anyone can order

In this article, we would like to acquaint you with what trends prevail in the world of design of peripheral devices for your PC, as well as suggest ordering the design of a webcam, mouse or keyboard. from real professionals – in the KLONA studio … We successfully implement the ideas of talented people.

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Webcam, Mouse and Keyboard Design: General Principles

What does a mouse, keyboard and webcam have in common? All this – computer peripheral components … Each of them has its own functions and features, a unique design and a different construction. Despite this, the design of these devices has a lot in common.

Keyboard design development: what to look for?

How do you design a keyboard that customers will love?

In order to understand what the design of a modern keyboard should be, just look at those devices that are already on sale and are popular.

Any keyboard (be it a set of keys on a laptop panel, or a separately connected device) the following features.

  1. She is comfortable … Typing on the keyboard should be comfortable, as this is the main function of this device. By “comfort” we mean the convenient separation of the keys, the ability to feel them during operation and choose the right one when needed.
  2. It is compact … Desktop space is limited anyway, so an industrial keyboard design should take this nuance into account. In addition, the dimensions of the device should be such that the user can reach the key he needs without distraction from the work process.
  3. She is attractive … Any electronic device is, first of all, a commodity. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a keyboard design in such a way as to attract the attention of the buyer, make him love this device and want to purchase it. In order to achieve this, developers can experiment with color schemes, with additional button lighting elements, with any other tools aimed at increasing demand.

Order a mouse design: how to make the most convenient manipulator?

Would you like to order a mouse design that will surprise all your friends? How about this?

A computer mouse is an input device. With its help, the user can move the cursor across the monitor screen, make transitions between windows and execute a number of other commands.

We are used to the fact that most computer mice have a similar design. It has the following features.

  1. Mouse fits comfortably in the hand. Thanks to this, the user can comfortably hold it in the palm of his hand for a long time. Our hand practically does not get tired; we perfectly feel the mouse and guide it as we need it.
  2. Mouse glides easily on the surfaceon which it is located. Due to this, moving the cursor requires much less effort. Thus, we can more quickly execute commands on the screen.
  3. Mouse can have keys or a wheel, with the help of which we get even more opportunities to control the computer. Also, thanks to these options, the pace of our work with the PC increases significantly.
  4. Mouse do as attractive as possible. Manufacturers play with the color schemes of their products, combining bright inserts and other decorative elements on the device case. All this is done to ensure that the product is commercially viable. Some mice are initially positioned as specially designed for gaming, for example. This makes them popular with a specific audience.

Webcam design: a combination of aesthetics and technology

If you hear the word “webcam”, then you probably imagine round device with a peephole in the middle placed on the top of your computer monitor.

Today everyone can get their own webcam design. Technically, you can make any toy with a camera.

In essence, this is a typical webcam that combines aesthetics and technology. After all, we do not interact with it in any way – it is simply attached to a fixed position so that we can get an image of something (for example, a person sitting in front of a computer). Sometimes webcams are used instead of surveillance cameras, placed in transport, indoors, at the box office, and so on.

The main function of any camera is shooting. That’s why attention is paid, first of all, to the “stuffing” of the camera, and not to its design … In addition to round, they can be oblong and rectangular, but their essence, at the same time, does not change. Some cameras may also have lighting elements for shooting in a dark place in the form of a flash or a diode lamp. By the way, we already wrote about the features camcorder body design

Keyboard, webcam and mouse design: where did it all start?

Every electronic device, before its appearance on the modern market, passed a certain stage of its development … The peripherals discussed in this article are no exception.

Development of keyboard design based on typewriters

Before the advent of the first computer keyboards for typing in the 70s, typewriters were popular in the early 20th century. They had a similar design in terms of key layout – which was later adopted by IBM for their keyboard on one of the first computers, the IBM 5100. It went on sale in 1975.

In general, the familiar QWERTY keyboard appeared on a typewriter in 1873 in New York. Even earlier, in 1870, the first commercially successful device was invented to facilitate fast typing. It was called “ Hansen’s writing ball ”(The Hansen Writing Ball). This name was given due to the fact that the device had the shape of a huge ball with many letters placed on it. They were applied to paper by imprinting. Its inventor, Rasmus Malling-Hansen from Denmark, constantly experimented with the placement of letters in such a way that typing was done as soon as possible

It’s amazing that in just 3 years, the design of the first keyboard has changed so radically that it will then retain its original shape for 150 years!

Industrial mouse design: a bit of history

The computer mouse so familiar to us, with which we control the pointer on the monitor, has an equally interesting history. The first development of a device that could count motion on one surface, transforming it into data of another kind, was carried out in the early 40s of the 20th century. Then the device was invented by Ralph Benjamin. His the purpose was to interact with the radar (Benjamin himself worked at the Royal Naval Science Center). Since the device was actively used by the army, its design was classified.

When this device was invented, it was still impossible to order a mouse design ...

In the 60s, the American scientist Douglas Engelbart made a similar invention. Surprisingly, his mouse design was very close to what we see on our desktops today … It was a box, the base of which was a roller.

It wasn’t until 1973, with the release of the first mass-produced computer, that Xerox showed the world what a real mouse should be. We are talking about their first PC, the Xerox Alto, which came with a semblance of a modern computer mouse.

Webcam design: what did the first samples look like?

A webcam with which today you can contact your relatives or business partners via Skype, is the “youngest” invention of those described above. The first webcam design was developed not so long ago – only in 1994. Then the first commercial camera model, Connectix Quickcam, was launched, with which you could transfer images from your computer.

Connectix offers its first webcam design on the market

Technologically, it was quite advanced at the time, capable of transmitting an image of 320 by 240 pixels. In terms of design, the Connectix product was incredibly similar to cameras found in modern offices. It is possible that it was he who became the basis for the design of later models of webcams.

Unusual industrial design of keyboards, mice, webcams

Many manufacturers realize that the market is full of “typical” devices that don’t have anything special in their design. In order to successfully sell a particular product, it is not enough to make it universal, to “smooth out” its individual characteristics. Must be released product which will aimed at a narrow niche, at a specific audience

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Industrial keyboard design: daring variations

Many companies produce keyboards that are unique in their kind that do more than just typing. They have their own style and design. Here are just a few of the interesting examples of such devices.

1. Touch keyboard Optimus Tactus

Optimus Tactus dared to design a touch keyboard!

Can you imagine a keyboard without a single key? No? And the developers from the Optimus company are easy! Under this trademark, Tactus is presented on the market, in its essence – a keyboard that can be easily customized to suit your needs. Its surface is covered with a touch screen , which is even capable of playing videos and displaying pictures.

2. Round keyboard Wolf king warrior xxtreme

An industrial keyboard design with two key circles is something special!

After all, why should all keyboards be rectangular? For example, Wolf King Warrior XXtreme successfully breaks this stereotype. Buttons on it placed in two circles … Despite such an extraordinary design, it is a pleasure to work with it!

3. Keyboard with two handles

Developing a keyboard design of this type was probably not easy for the authors ...

Designers from orbiTouch decided to abandon the concept of keys altogether – both physical and virtual. They just invented their own method select the desired letter or number using the two knobs … By changing the position of each of them, the user can type text. It is not so easy to understand the device of this device, so an instruction is included with it.

Industrial Mouse Design: Can’t You Think of Anything New?

What can be a computer mouse? Its body should be rectangular, round or oval. It is equipped with two buttons or more. There should be a flat platform underneath for smooth sliding. Is that correct? Seems like you can’t think of anything new? See for yourself!

1. Flexible mouse from Microsoft

Industrial design of a mouse that bends looks something like this

Microsoft introduced the flexible Arc Touch mouse half silicone … It does not look like the oval controllers we are used to.

2. “ Penguin “ mouse from the Posturite company

You can order a penguin-shaped mouse design - the only limit is your imagination!

Why would anyone want to make a penguin-shaped mouse? Everything is very simple – such a design, according to the developers, reduces the level of pain in the joints and muscles of the hand … However, it should be used differently than in the case of a classic mouse.

3. Air mouse to be worn on your hand

Another unusual mouse design. You can order this on Amazon

The mouse is not only held on the table surface by moving the hand. It can also be worn over your fingers to more accurately convey movements and control the cursor. “ Air mouse ”Is represented by two buttons (located on the index and middle fingers), as well as a motion sensor (located near the thumb).

Webcam design: technology embedded in a toy

If, in the case of a keyboard or mouse, the options for a possible design have some limitations (due to the fact that these items must be endowed with some functionality), then in the case of a webcam, they are not there at all. Many developers put the “stuffing” of the camera in any toy … As a result, the design of these peripherals has no boundaries at all. Here are just some of the real-life examples: camera hare, camera robot, camera cat from Hello Kitty

If you love Hello Kitty, you can order even this kind of webcam design.

And these are not all cases. extraordinary industrial design

People who submitted their designs for mouse, keyboard and webcam

Do not think that only large corporations can experiment by creating industrial designs for keyboards, computer mice or webcams. Anyone who has an interesting idea for the release of such a device can implement it. Examples can be found on the American crowdfunding project Kickstarter

You can even order a mouse design paired with a keyboard!

1. KeyMouse is a device that combines the functionality of a keyboard and a mouse. It consists of two identical components (for the left and right hands). According to the author of this invention, it makes interaction with a PC much more convenient. The project has collected more than 156 thousand dollars

Designing a keyboard that can fold is not an easy task

2. Flyshark – wireless keyboard, the idea of which is that the keyboard design can be compact and stylish. It folds in half so you can carry it in your pocket and use it anywhere. The device has collected more than 60 thousand dollars from fans.

QwerkyWriter - an invention that revolutionizes industrial keyboard design

3. Qwerkywriter is a seemingly ordinary typewriter, which … in fact compatible with any modern electronic device … It allows you to turn typing from a boring routine into something truly addictive.

4. KOMBOS is another project from, which features a full-fledged piano keyboard, assembled from several modules. It is compact, cute and multifunctional, which allowed it to receive more than 28 thousand dollars of financial support from site users.

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