Almost any man-made object on Earth that a person can see, touch or use will turn out to be subject of industrial design … And this is not strange, because most of the things that surround us throughout life belong to one or another type of industrial design.

Modern industrial design includes elements of art and technology covering a wide range of different objects – from a teaspoon to high-tech products. Therefore, the person who creates the design of an industrial (or industrial) product must be both an engineer and an artist, combining together functionality and aesthetic appeal of the product.

Industrial design as a separate branch of design

Unlike the broad concept of “design”, “industrial design” is closely related to household and industrial items that have been industrially manufactured. Therefore, any objects made by man cannot be classified as objects of industrial design, but only those that are protected by a patent and are made in production.

Industrial furniture design

The objectives of modern industrial design are:

  • creation of functional and ergonomic items;
  • aesthetically pleasing appearance of the product;
  • increasing energy and resource conservation in the production and use of the item;
  • design of things that are safe for humans and the environment;
  • creating intuitive, easy-to-use equipment.

The integration of all these tasks requires an industrial designer advanced engineering skills, good imagination and fine aesthetic taste … In addition, it must be borne in mind that the finished product must meet the needs of a specific target audience.

Industrial design includes the following stages of product development:

Product development stages

Trends in modern industrial design

Simplicity and minimalism

Consumers are increasingly choosing simple, minimalist pieces. In addition, they are very popular common materials and shapes … People no longer see the need to buy “overpriced” items for everyday use. Basic requirements for subjects:

  • maximum ease of construction;
  • minimal use of expensive materials;
  • lack of “overloading” parts;
  • adequate price.

Convenience and ergonomics

Today’s consumers are giving away preference for convenience and comfort of clothing, slightly neglecting the appearance … Likewise, convenience is being valued more in industrial design. Customers are increasingly choosing items that are highly ergonomic, easy to use and intuitive for any user. Convertible furniture is very popular, which helps to significantly save space in a small room.

Interior Design

Benefit and monofunctionality

More priority for buyers are no longer multifunctional items. Preference is now given to items that can only be used for its intended purpose. Therefore, the popularity of multifunctional kitchen appliances is falling: people do not want to purchase bulky equipment if they will only use one function.


Recently, much more attention has been paid to environmental issues. In this regard, a new direction in industrial design has emerged – ecodesign. It aims to create items that will will be able to organically integrate into the natural environment … This trend is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • creation of an item with minimal expenditure of natural resources;
  • lowering the energy intensity of the product during its manufacture and use, as well as the possibility of using renewable energy resources;
  • use of materials that are reusable and reusable;
  • durability of the product;
  • reducing excess consumption;
  • ease of disposal.

Increasingly, designers are looking for inspiration among the objects of nature – plants, honeycomb, water, stones, animals, etc.

Industrial design - housekeeper

Key holder “ Honey , I m home ! “


In many design solutions, futuristic notes have long been traced. Very soon, the unusual “design of the future” will be a distinctive feature of all objects familiar to us.

Car design

The first electric car Porsche Mission E. The release is scheduled for 2020.

Examples of modern industrial design

Heli-on miniature solar panel

Solar panels are becoming available not only for powering homes, but also for everyday use. Convenient pocket solar panel designed to charge mobile phones or other gadgets at any convenient time. In case the weather is not sunny at all, the panel has its own small battery, which will allow charging. This panel weighs only 105 grams.

Solar cell design

Modular wind turbines Windflock

Following innovations in the use of solar energy, innovations are also appearing in wind energy. Windflock is wind turbine system grouped to save space. However, their performance is still in question.

Wind turbine design

Fancy cranes

Mixer Swirl splits the stream of water into many thin jets, creating an amazing swirl. More than just a stylish bathroom device, it’s also a way to save money – a wider flow means less water is used when washing hands or dishes.

Industrial crane design

Smart faucet iWash will help teach children and adults to wash their hands more thoroughly. It will have a built-in digital microscope to track bacteria on the surface of the hands.

Industrial crane design

Air drop

Pot for a plant of the genus Tillandsia with built-in air filter – an innovative way to make the air in your apartment cleaner. In addition to the natural evolution of oxygen, the plant actively absorbs formaldehyde, benzene, and trichlorethylene.

Industrial design

The racing bike of the future

Everything about this bike is futuristic – from the pedals to the handlebars. The streamlined shape allows the bike to excellent maneuvering at high speeds. So far, the concept is still under development – some parts are made of paper.

Industrial bike design

Three-wheeled scooter Tripod

In 2015, the winner of the Red Dot Design Awards (world design award) in the Design Concept category was unusual tricycle scooter Tripod … It is presented in three colors and has a very unusual futuristic design. At the same time, the product is distinguished by a high degree of ergonomics and convenience. Its main task is to deliver goods over short distances. You can also just ride it.

Object design of the scooter

Bamboo scales

The bamboo scale is made according to the latest trends in modern industrial design. The scales are environmentally friendly – they even there are no electronic devices , they work from normal pressure.

Industrial design of scales

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