The market of household appliances and electronics in Ukraine is going through difficult times. Even the colossal rise in prices could not save the market from falling. In January-March 2016, it amounted to 5.9% in monetary terms compared to the same period in 2015. All this forces manufacturers look for ways out of the crisis and fight even more intensely for customer loyalty with the closest competitors.

KLONA marketers prepared an overview of the electronics market and highlighted 6 trends that will help manufacturers understand consumer preferences, and what the market will expect in the future.

Household appliances and electronics market: office VS home

Only two sectors in the market of electronic devices did not show a decline: telecommunication equipment and office equipment … According to the data of the company GfK Ukraine, sales of telecommunications equipment increased by 28.7% (up to UAH 3.749 billion). The office equipment sector remained at the level of the same period in 2015 and amounted to UAH 188 million.

Consumer electronics showed a decline in sales by 32% to UAH 1519 billion. According to some players in the home appliance market, this was mainly due to a decrease in demand for TVs.

New items in the electronics market

A decrease in sales in the first quarter of 2016 (compared to the same period in 2015) was observed in the following sectors:

  • photographic equipment by 24.8% to UAH 145 million;
  • large household appliances by 18.3% to UAH 2.115 billion;
  • refrigerators by 22.1%;
  • freezers by 22.6%;
  • small household appliances by 16.8%;
  • IT equipment by 3.7% to UAH 3 billion;
  • 11.2 laptops;
  • tablets by 19%.

Despite the general fall, sales of some types of equipment nevertheless increased. For example, computer peripherals – mice and keyboards. Smartphones also showed growth in monetary terms by 31.5%. This is mainly due to the increase in the average price. A slight increase was also observed in sales of MFPs (by 2.1%) and scanners (by 7.6%).

New items on the gadgets market

Home appliance market overview: what do consumers want?

More and more models with various functions are appearing on the home appliance market. It is not always possible to accurately predict which of this will be in demand. Some new items increase sales several times, and some remain unappreciated and unclaimed.

We present the data of some surveys that took place in 2015 on the territory of Ukraine. From them you can understand what household appliances are popular among our citizens today.

Vacuum cleaners

54% Ukrainians were elected in 2015 vacuum cleaners with “cyclone” filtration system … Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the waste is collected in a container, which is more convenient than a standard bag. In addition, these vacuum cleaners are smaller than conventional vacuum cleaners. Its only drawback is its high volume. About 30% of buyers chose standard models with garbage bags, and about 20% – vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter.

Robot vacuum cleaners could not gain great popularity. They accounted for only 4% of total sales in the household appliances market. Although buyers noted the lack of noise during operation, the efficiency and ease of use of such models. Perhaps with a competent marketing policy and a more thorough approach to industrial design , robotic vacuum cleaners will have a chance in the future.

Household appliances market overview


The main buyers of microwave ovens are families of 3-4 people. 75% of microwave ovens sold in 2015 have volume 20-25 liters. More than 80% have with an average power of 800 watts. More than a third of buyers preferred mechanically controlled ovens, the same percentage chose touch-based ovens. The rest of the buyers opted for push-button and mixed-control microwave ovens.

Among the additional functions, the most popular was child lock (more than 50% of buyers). In second place is the grill (46%).

Washing machines

The most important criterion for Ukrainians when choosing washing machines is technical characteristics. The function is most in demand air bubble wash , she was preferred by 17% of buyers. The consumers considered the presence of drying (13% of buyers) to be important. 12% chose a machine with a steam function.

In terms of drum volume, the most popular option is machines designed for 6 kg. Next comes the drum with a volume of 5 (24%) and 7 kg (22% of buyers).

Electronic devices market

Electronic books

The vast majority (over 90%) of buyers choose books with a diagonal of 6 inches or less. This is due to the fact that books are often taken with them on the road. Another important criterion is the type of screen. The most popular technology remains “Electronic ink” they were preferred by 50% of users. There are several reasons for this: such books are safer for the eyes and have a longer battery life. However, there are also disadvantages: they do not have their own backlighting and are most often black and white.

As for book formats, the most popular in 2015 were PDF and EPUB. Each of them was chosen by 15% of users. This is followed by the formats DOC, TXT and FB2 (13% each). The rest of the formats were of interest only to 10% of buyers.

New in the electronics market: wearable devices

In 2015, all over the world were produced 78.1 million wearable devices, up 172% from 2014 … According to experts, in the near future these novelties of the electronics market will become consumer goods, and the market will continue to grow for at least 5 years. Industrial design and fashion trends will play a decisive role in this growth, according to IDC’s chief analyst.

The most popular devices in this segment all over the world: wearable alarm button, smart watch, personal tracker, personal ID and water purifier.

Wearable device market

This data is confirmed by the experience of the KLONA company. For the last year we have designed two smart bracelets. One of them is sold in Ukraine, and the second is being prepared for sales in the European and US markets. You can read more about creating new products for the electronics market in our portfolio

According to surveys conducted around the world, one in three respondents is confident that they will use at least 5 wearable devices by 2020. 43% of respondents are sure that such devices will become a full replacement for smartphones.

The decline in the popularity of smartphones is also confirmed by the expert in the field of consumer behavior Ericsson ConsumerLab Yasmeet Singh Sethi. According to his calculations, already now about 40% of smartwatch owners have become much less interacting with their smartphones.

Electronics market overview

According to a study by Ericson, every second smartphone user in the world believes that in 5 years they will be a thing of the past. And in their place will come more advanced artificial intelligence systems.

Experts from all over the world consider devices that can be worn not on the body, but inside it, as another promising area. Ordinary consumers also agree with them – about 60% of respondents believe that such devices have a great future. Examples of such gadgets are subcutaneous chips for tracking health indicators, sensors for measuring body temperature, etc.

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“Black” market of electronic devices

According to the Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine in 2016, significantly the share of illegal equipment on the Ukrainian market of electronic devices has grown. According to rough estimates, illegal goods take from 15 to 40%, depending on the segment.

Ukrainian electronics gray market chart

The demand for this kind of equipment is so high due to its low price. When importing illegal equipment, taxes are not paid and the margin on the goods is much lower. Moreover, the higher the cost of the device, the greater the discrepancy in price compared to official suppliers. The price difference is about 15-20%, which is quite significant for the average consumer.

For some sellers in the electronics market, it becomes easy it is unprofitable to import some types of equipment. For example, the sales director of Canon Ukraine said that professional cameras are simply not bought from official suppliers because of the significant price difference. Therefore, Canon stopped importing them into Ukraine.

According to the most conservative estimates, the annual losses from smuggling are estimated at UAH 3.6 billion Illegal iPhone shipments alone divert about UAH 0.8 billion from the budget. Not only online stores, but also non-network retail are guilty of smuggling.

Electronics consumers are ready to support domestic

According to a survey conducted on the territory of Ukraine more than a third of Ukrainians are ready to support domestic producers. In the course of a survey, electronics consumers were asked which large household appliances from which manufacturer they would choose, all other things being equal. At the same time, the following countries were given a choice: China, Vietnam, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria.

New items on the gadgets market

33% of the respondents chose Ukraine. At the same time, men (37%) are more inclined to choose a domestic manufacturer than women (27%). Also, more than half of the respondents (58%) said they are ready to choose Ukrainian-made equipment if they are offered longer warranty period.

Appearance matters

According to a study conducted in 22 countries around the world, every third buyer of an electronic device agrees that appearance is of great importance when choosing a technology … Only 9% of electronics consumers completely disagree with this. 58% agree in one way or another.

The most important criterion for appearance is for people aged 20-29. 37% strongly agree that appearance influences purchasing decisions and only 5% strongly disagree.

Market of electronics, devices and gadgets

The design of the device is least important for respondents aged 50 and over. Only 23% agreed that this criterion influences the purchasing decision.

According to an online poll conducted in Ukraine, only 5% of users believe that appearance does not in any way affect the decision to purchase. 39% noted that this is a very important criterion. The greatest importance is attached to appearance by respondents in the age groups 15-19 and 30-39 years old. Least of all, the design of the device is of interest to Ukrainians over 60 years old.

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Despite difficult times, the home appliances and electronics market has many perspectives. Consumers are ready to pay for a quality product, and, importantly, they are loyal to Ukrainian producers. The main thing is to take into account all the requirements of buyers and develop a competent industrial design.

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