Promotional video for the gadget (3D glasses)

In matters of advertising, experts have long emphasized that visualization is the most effective method of promotion. For this, modern 3d technologies come to our aid, which allow us to implement any ideas and images. The latest statistics show that the video format is a winning advertising medium that is rapidly gaining popularity. It creates the illusion of real communication, and even the most fantastic ideas seem real to the viewer. The best timing for a good video is 1-2 minutes, then the person’s attention is scattered, and he is distracted by extraneous things.

Creating a promo video

For a recent assignment, we needed to shoot a promo video for the gadget (3d glasses).  The work included creation of a 3d model and animation for advertising, which required the involvement of designers, production director, editor, marketers and brand specialists. To begin with, it was necessary to create 3d glasses, which will then appear in a promotional video clip.

разработка гаджета

Stages of creating 3d glasses for advertising

  1. Prepare a sketch of a polygonal mesh for a geometric 3D model, taking into account all parameters: color, size and movement.
  2. Texturing – Draws reliefs for all angles, taking into account shadow maps, lighting and highlights.
  3. Rendering or rendering of the resulting model, which will become a moving one for the promo video. At this stage, you can see how profitable the model can look and which angles are the most attractive.
  4. 3d animation – setting up control and sequence of actions taking into account the previously worked out 3d scenes. It is important to take into account that the movements look natural, and the 3d model is not distorted.


Shooting promotional videos 

As part of the next stage, we were to receive a ready-made promotional video for the gadget, which would then be presented to the customer and potential customers. It was necessary to do the following:

  • Promotional video script

визуализация дизайна очков

At this stage, it was necessary to prepare a storyboard, which already took into account the sequence of shots and their timing. We also indicate where and what kind of sound and text elements will be used, and how they are combined with the frames. 

Never forget about storyboarding! With its help, you can significantly save time by shooting not sequentially, but in the way that suits you. Subsequently, during the editing stage, you will build the storyline and mix the sound.

  • Mounting

A full-fledged editing includes work with video and sound using special programs.

  1. To begin with, we lined up  animated elements in the right timeline so that the main characteristics of the product consistently emerge with an emphasis on individual frames from the most favorable angles.
  2. Adding text and sound while keeping the visuals in sync.

дизайн 3D-очков

The received promo video became a worthy presentation of the product and our customer liked it. 

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