3D visualization and animation

Object visualization is done to create an extremely believable image of an object. This is especially beneficial for creating interiors of premises, because two-dimensionality does not allow assessing the placement of objects and the work of chiaroscuro with maximum accuracy.

Why do you need 3d visualization?

Create a realistic 3D model only possible through the development of 3D visualization of the object … It allows you to do high-quality and visual presentation of the product or project.

Cost of 3D visualization compares favorably with ordering photo shoots and filming videos , since the creation of 3D visualization faster, more economical , and also results in a product without defects, formed under ideal conditions, which in reality is virtually impossible (especially for architectural exteriors and interiors).

Development of 3D visualization is applied:

  • in industry;
  • in scientific and educational projects;
  • in marketing;
  • in cinematography and painting.

What types of work does the KLONA 3d visualization studio carry out?

Object visualization done for creating an extremely believable image of the object … This is especially beneficial for creating interiors of premises , because two-dimensionality does not allow assessing the placement of objects and the work of chiaroscuro with maximum accuracy.

Companies need an accurate depiction of the goods or services they sell. Photo studios cannot guarantee that all requirements will be met, therefore ordering 3D visualization will solve the problem : high quality resolution pictures of the object, texture settings object surface, choice of angles and lighting, prompt amendments into the model.

Ordering 3D visualization of objects in the environment needed to maximize the quality of the product. Environment helps to better understand the specifics of the object, builds emotional and eye contact with the consumer. Creation of 3D visualization in construction projects used for presentation to investors , and for printing in advertising brochures … They clearly reveal the future infrastructure of the residential area or the decor of the room. Thanks to the order for 3D visualization easier to sell a house or design which is under development.

Kengo Kuma developed Olympic Games 2020 stadium project in Tokyo. The author’s concept envisages a combination of modernity and tradition of Japanese dwellings that harmoniously intertwine with the environment. 3D visualization emphasizes its e Cost-effective for visitors with disabilities.

Development of 3D visualization in advertising will highlight the products brightly and effectively. Will create an interesting picture that will concisely reveal the advantages and features of the product

Needed 3d visualization not only for commercial purposes, but also in charity and social advertising … Only an interesting and memorable presentation can make a person pay attention to the message and feel its importance. A striking example of steel posters project of the German ecologist Robin Wood “Destroying nature – we destroy life.”


  1. Drawing up a technical assignment. Key technical points are discussed, the target audience is determined and sketches of the project are drawn up.
  2. Creation of a geometric three-dimensional model. Before doing 3D rendering you need create a 3D model of the product in 3DMAX, ProEngineering, SolidWork or use off-the-shelf.
  3. Apply a texture to a model – this is giving the surfaces certain visual properties of materials from which the item will be crafted. Also chiaroscuro is simulated to make it realistic.
  4. Creation of an environment scene. These can be simple things – furniture, food , or something special – abstraction, fantastic composition, landscape relief.
  5. Lighting setup. Chiaroscuro plays a huge role in the realistic display of the volume of an object. KLONA specialists carefully work on the balance of light and shadow as well as brightness levels.
  6. Setting up additional special effects. At this stage, drops, fog, shine, glare and other animating elements of the picture.
  7. Rendering is a process obtaining a finished image of a three-dimensional model in a 2D version … Depending on the complexity of the object and the desired quality of the resulting images rendering can last from several minutes to tens of hours.

The price of 3D visualization at KLONA depends on:

  • the complexity of the geometry of the modeling object;
  • quality of texturing;
  • requirements for the realism of the final image.
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3d animation Is a process creating a series of moving images … It is used in the fields of entertainment (cinema, animation, games), science and business.

Advertising, promo videos, and even interactive elements in the website design increase conversion and sales … Using animation videos distinguishes the brand from other companies, but animated the character will become a memorable symbol.

For example, Vinicius and Tom 2016 olympic mascots years in Rio. They symbolize the flora and fauna of Brazil.

How much does it cost to develop 3D animation:

The cost of the order is from 5 thousand hryvnia. Price 3D animations depends on the complexity and duration of the script to be animated, as well as on the number of animation objects.


  1. There are no distortions in proportions. The development of 3D animation allows you to work with the whole object at once and avoid its distortion in motion.
  2. Creation process is greatly accelerated due to the use of 3D models, this saves time for product development, and also allows you to correct and supplement the idea in the process of revision.
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  1. Script creation Is an artist’s storyboarding of key scenes. It is approved by the project manager, who checks the correct angles and characters of the characters.
  2. Drawing sketches and video elements such as characters, landscapes, objects.
  3. Bringing 3D characters to life animation occurs through the definition of the character’s kinetics for natural and smooth movement of the character.
  4. Creation of animation videos. Models are added to the scene, keyframes are created, and the background is drawn.