Creating graphics for the game

Drawing 3D models allows you to work out the graphics of the game world with high quality. The proportions, kinetics and movements of the characters will be as realistic as possible.

Why are graphics so important?

What motivates the user to download or buy the game? Descriptions, reviews and reviews only spur his desires. Visual component – that’s what helps win hearts consumers. Posters, advertising boards , trailers and promo videos stir up interest the public. After the release, there are paraphernalia dedicated to the game, unique figurines for hundreds of dollars, clothing and accessories. The success of such companies largely depends on the quality of the graphics development. Most of the time is spent on it.

The price for creating graphics for the game depends on

  • the size of the game universe and the number of characters;
  • terms of project implementation;
  • on the type of engine to be used;
  • the number of designers who will work on the graphics.

Reasons to order graphics for the game from KLONA

  • own library of textures and references;
  • detailed estimates for each stage of creating graphics for the game;
  • the ability to expand the number of designers who work on a project.

KLONA designers create interactive game graphics.


Draw 2D graphics for the game

Custom game graphics don’t have to be 3D and super realistic. Even playing in three-in-a-row, the user wants to see a high-quality and bright picture.

And so that the player does not get bored, you need to draw the graphics for the game so that it constantly changes from level to level and entices a person to see what will happen next. Well crafted the character with own history and charisma attracts users. Flamboyant hero stimulates interest to the game, arouses empathy among the players. To create characters, especially in quest games, the outlining method is often used, because it is easier to capture the proportions and kinetics of the human body. In addition to interesting main and secondary characters, the game should have exciting levels

The creation of background graphics is a very important process, because the design creates an atmosphere for Game. The overall color scheme, carefully selected items at each level will enhance the enjoyment of the game. In the illustration below, selected screenshots from Haunted Hotel: Silent water … The general mood of the game is immediately noticeable, which corresponds to the horror genre, the objects are designed in gray-black tones, maintain the atmosphere of horror, and bright red accents prevent the picture from becoming boring.

Creating 2D graphics for the game helps to create a distinctive authoring style. Banner saga demonstrates how breathtaking worlds can be created with inspiration from Viking legends. All the mechanics of the game and the menu are also spelled out in the style of miniatures from ancient manuscripts.

3D graphics creation

Drawing 3D models allows work well the graphics of the game world. The proportions, kinetics and movement of the characters will be as realistic as possible … With proper skill, the textures of clothes on the characters cannot be distinguished from real fabrics.

Therefore, the designer must seriously work with the peculiarities of the eras before creating the characters and the background, because attentive players will always replace a mistake in drawing. A well-developed logic of the universe will allow a person to be completely immersed in the game. Bioshock Infinite: burial at sea is inspired by film noir. This is noticeable in the appearance of the characters, the atmosphere of suspense and the gloomy tones of the narrative.

Another example of the full immersion of developers in the era is the game Fallout 4 where the style of the 50s is dominant. This is especially noticeable in the selection of musical accompaniment. Drawing a background for a game is not an easy task. Mobility and the constant change of scenery will entice the player even more: light, lighting, weather, time of day gives a significant sense of reality.


Drawing up the technical assignment

It is necessary for a clear definition of the time frame of work, as well as prices for the performed volume. At this stage, key technical characteristics are discussed: the genre of the game, the number of main characters, the scale of the game world, and much more. Upon completion of the discussion, the company signs a contract with the customer.

Development of concept images for creating game graphics

Options for the appearance of heroes, minor characters, game objects and landscapes are being thought out. Several concepts are created, from which the customer can choose the most successful options.

Create an animated storyboard

To draw graphics for the game, you need to understand the order of actions and features of the disclosure of storylines. To do this, a sketch of the key points is created, which will allow in the next stages to more quality draw the movement and facial expressions of the characters. Technology Motion capture allows you to create animations based on the movement of real people. Then the proportions and kinetics are as realistic and dynamic as possible, especially in battle scenes.

Refinement of game graphics

Designers detail game objects, add colors, improve textures and lighting. Scattered elements are collected into a single system.

A game menu and additional screens are added (lines, buttons, inventory, settings, task lists).

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