Mobile games promotion

To ensure that the work of developers is not in vain, high-quality promotion of mobile games is necessary. Only a professionally planned strategy using the full potential of different methods, implemented by specialists, will bear fruit.

Having released a computer game to the world, without additional actions regarding its popularization, it is hardly possible to count on success. No matter how interesting it is, the public will not be able to appreciate it if they simply do not see it. To ensure visibility, as well as to make a profit from their project, game developers need to have a well-designed promotion strategy in stock. For the promotion of mobile games to be truly effective, it must be drawn up by those who have the knowledge and experienceand we are the ones who have them.

Mobile games promotion

Why is mobile game promotion so important?

No matter how high the personal ambitions of the developers regarding fame for their offspring, are it is the sell-out the game that determines success of the project. Only after getting a benefit that covers the cost of developing the game, we can say that the whole idea was successful.

The promotion of mobile games is a critical aspect of the game’s success in the mobile app market. At the same time, the success of this process is very doubtful if it is carried out by an amateur with no experience. We perfectly understand the importance of a professional approach, as well as the fact that high-quality promotion increases:

  • Competitiveness . The mobile games market is so saturated that the competition among developers is getting increasingly tough. To attract the attention of potential players, developers need not only to understand the features of different promotion methods, but also to be able to put them into practice.
  • Awareness . Successful promotion helps to increase visibility of the game. When players see ads or reviews of the game, in most cases they will click on the “Download Game” button. The more players learn about the game, the greater is a chance of its success.
Number of mobile game downloads
  • Income. High number of game downloads results in game monetization revenue increase, such as in-app purchases or in-game advertising. The more players play the game, the higher is a chance of earning income.
  • Reputation. Successful promotion of a mobile game will improve the reputation of the developer and the company in the eyes of the gaming community. This will increase the credibility of the company and its future projects.
  • Audience. Mobile games have a large audience (according to some reports, more than computer games), which is constantly growing. This means that the promotion of the game can lead to the attraction of new players from all over the world.

Only a well and professionally promoted game will lead to audience growth, revenue growth, increased recognition and improved reputation of the developer. And we, as a publisher company with high requirements, know exactly how to achieve this. This is another term that will give you an idea of our professionalism. A publisher or mobile publisher is a company that provides a full range of services in its funnel, from game development to distribution. For everything to be of the highest quality, strong resources including professionals are required. And for this purpose we are constantly replenishing the team with experts, raising our level of knowledge.

Mobile Game Marketing: What Strategies Are We Effectively Applying?

There are many strategies for promoting mobile games. Their efficiency depends on the specific game, its target audience. Understanding which strategy and when should be applied is not a gift from God, but professionalism. Mobile games marketing is a key skill area for our managers. Knowledge and experience allow them to accurately determine the further path of advancement to achieve better results.

Mobile game advertisement


Advertising of mobile games is one of the most effective and popular ways of promotion. It can have various formats and is hosted on the following platforms:

  • Social networks . Social networks are undoubtedly a high-quality channel. In most cases, we use the potential of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok. The customer’s money is used as efficiently as possible, sincemobile games advertising campaigns are set up in such a way that it is shown only to those who may be interested in the game.
  • App Store . A way to draw attention to your game when the user is browsing other apps in the store. The choice of where the advertisements will be placed (on the category page or on the search results page) depends on the chosen strategy.
  • Mobile Sites . Advertising on news and entertainment sites has proven its efficiency.
Mobile game ads on YouTube
  • YouTube . Given the genre of the game, its features, advertising of mobile games before or while watching a video related to games can give a high conversion. The cost depends on the type – ads in the video or on the sidebar.
  • Mobile games . If a niche game is being promoted, then it is quite advisable to use advertising in similar projects.

All types of advertising campaigns can be conditionally divided into paid or free . Paid advertising can include CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). The free one can be implemented using social networks, blogs, forums and other channels. In both cases, the effectiveness of mobile game will  depend on the thoughtfulness of the entire campaign.

An important aspect of advertising is its target audience. Mobile game ads should be set up in such a way that they are shown to those who may be interested in the game . To do this, we collect the right keywords and set up targeting . Without it, even the largest advertising budgets will be wasted.

ASO optimization

ASO optimization

ASO (App Store Optimization) is an acronym for the process of optimizing an app store to increase the visibility and downloads of an app. What is implied, is optimization of the title, description, keywords, screenshots and other elements in the app store, such as Google Play and the Apple App Store . This is similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is used to optimize websites for search engines. As you know, a high-level SEO expert is worth its weight in gold, the same relates to ASO-optimization specialists. We are glad that we have gathered those who have all the necessary knowledge and experience in our team. Without them, it would be difficult for us to carry out the promotion of mobile games using the following methods and techniques at the proper level:

  • Keyword Research . Keywords are terms or phrases that users type in the app store to find specific apps. Researching and choosing the right keywords is a critical part of ASO. This allows the app to be found by users searching for games to play on their phone using those keywords.
  • Title and description . These application parameters should be informative and attractive. They include keywords related to the app in order to improve its ranking in the app stores.
  • Images and videos . We select high-quality, attractive visual elements that reflect the main advantages of the game. Thanks to this, a potential buyer becomes less likely to miss the “Download Game” button.

Why is ASO optimization one of our main strengths? It is due to the professional approach to this method that we increase the number of downloads and installations of the game, improve its visibility and rating, and attract the target audience. We openly tell clients that unlike advertising, ASO is a long-term perspective , which at the same time is more stable and allows you to stay on top longer.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a specific marketing strategy that requires more than just technical knowledge. To a greater extent , the understanding of the market and the ability to work with people play a role here. The strategy uses influential people (influencers) to promote mobile games. Influencers can be celebrities, bloggers, vloggers, social media opinion leaders, and other people of power with large audiences .

Our masters of influencer marketing achieve their goals through the following methods:

  • Finding the Right Influencers . The main task is to find an influencer who has the right target audience. We also take into account the number of subscribers, reputation, activity in social networks, engagement, etc.
  • Campaign Creation . This is followed by the development of content that will be promoted through influencers. It can be a photo, video, or other formats that are best suited for the target audience.
  • Collaboration with influencers . Using the tried and tested tactics of communication with influencers, we build cooperation with the influencer necessary for the customer to promote the game.
Selection of Influencers

Why do we recommend that customers choose influencer marketing as one of the methods for promoting a mobile game? It has a number of undeniable advantages , among which there are the ones deserving particular attention:

  • increasing brand visibility – will attract new customers;
  • increasing the credibility of the product – influencers can easily convince their fans and your potential customers that the game is trustworthy;
  • increasing sales – using influencers can help to increase the sales of the game, as their recommendations incentivize people to buy.

As we have already said, tthe task is quite specific, since among other things human factors must be considered. At the same time, last few years’ statistics show that mobile games are leading in the influencer marketing market.

Social media

Social media

Popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok are  not only a part of every modern person’s life, but also a channel for attracting new players and retaining existing ones. And we know how to do it with maximum benefit for a particular project. To do this, we apply the following strategies for promoting mobile games in social networks:

  • Creation of the game page . Creating a separate page for the game on a social network allows players to easily find information about the game, interact with the community of players. On the page you can post information about updates, events and contests.
  • Search page optimization . Social network pages should be optimized for search so that it is easier to find in internal search to make it easier to be found via internal search engines. To do this, we use well-chosen keywords, hashtags and other optimization tools.
  • Placing a preview of the game . Such a solution allows players to see the gameplay and understand how interesting the game will be for them.
Advertising in social networks
  • Advertising in social networks . Properly tuned targeted advertising will attract new players. We find the most responsive audience using parameters such as age, gender, interests, etc.
  • Participation in communities . There are quite a few communities associated with mobile games, so it is important to analyze them. This work is carried out by professionals, so the result will be positive.

Advertising in social networks should be carried out not only at the stage of launching the game, but also in the future. But just for the start of sales, it is extremely important to utilize the maximum potential of social networks . What channels to use, how to work with advertising – these are the details without which the promotion of mobile games in social networks is impossible. At all these issues, our experts are more than old hands.

Cross-promotion of mobile games

Cross promotion

By this term, we mean the promotion of mobile games through other applications and games, for example, by displaying ads or inviting players to install a new game. Cross-promotion is a marketing strategy that will help attract new users for a mobile game, increase revenue , and retain users.

There are several ways to cross-promote mobile games that we use:

  • Placement of advertising within the game . We will help you to advertise the game inside a suitable project that has active players. This is one of the most effective ways to consistently increase your downloads.
  • Organization of special promotions . If you have several projects, then we will organize special promotions in one game to attract users to another game. For example, you can offer bonuses, promotional codes for another game when you complete certain tasks in the first game.
Games cross-promotion techniques
  • The use of social networks . The social media community is great for promoting multiple games. For example, you can post about a new game in a community associated with another game. The only question is how to natively hint at the self-sufficiency of both projects.
  • Email distribution . Using emails to promote games is an extremely useful skill that our specialists have. If you send an email to users who have already played one game and invite them to download another game, then this will bring certain results. Of course, to achieve them, you need to have the necessary skills and ensure that the recipient does not immediately move the letter to the trash, blocking further newsletters.

Cross-promotion of mobile games is an effective strategy, however, it must be considered that it requires a good understanding of the audience , and competent planning. We have all we need to achieve desired results, which is proven by many successful cases.

Mobile game PR campaign

PR campaigns

Without mobile game PR campaigns, it is impossible to imagine high-quality promotion. We use diverse inventory of methods, including sending out press releases, participating in exhibitions, and cooperating with gaming bloggers.

Practice shows that to ensure the campaign is effective, several basic steps must be taken:

  • Definition of the target audience . Based on an in-depth analysis, we determine which target audience the PR campaign of the mobile game will be addressed to. For example, the game may be aimed at children, teenagers, or adults.
  • Development of key messages . We define the key messages that will be used to draw attention to the game. Thanks to the skills of specialists and their understanding that “brevity is the soul of wit”, they combine conciseness and attractiveness.
  • Creation of a press release . This is a document containing information about a new product or event. In the case of a mobile game, we prepare press releases containing information about what kind of game it is, its features, uniqueness, and so on.
  • Preparation of materials for mass media . Quite often we have to prepare various materials that will be used to promote the game in the media. This can be, for example, interviews with developers, game reviews, announcements, etc.
  • Participation in events . Events in the game world, such as exhibitions, conferences, are a great way to draw attention to the game. We follow the latest trends, so we will make a presentation of the project at a high level.

A well-designed PR campaign for a mobile game is a serious bid for the success of the project in the future.

What factors influence the promotion of mobile games?

It must be clear that even the most well-designed strategy for promoting mobile games may not work if there are problems with the product . The key barriers to the popularity of the game are:

  • Poor quality graphics . Technology does not stand still, and player preferences are fleeting. It’s not that easy to keep track of everything. The development of game graphics that will meet modern requirements is the foundation for the further development of the project.
  • Boring plot . A predictable and straightforward plot without any catchy moments is the final chord at the commemoration of a mobile game. Creating a character for the game , developing a scenario, quests with a special taste will allow you to widely promote the product to those hungry for interesting games.
  • Illiterate monetization . If the game uses too aggressive advertising or monetization, it will scare away even the most dedicated users. The introduction of monetization that does not cause negative effects and does not spoil the gameplay is the skill of specialists who constantly follow trends.

These are several problems with the mobile game that we will save our customers from. By choosing us as a publisher company, you can save your energy and time by entrusting all the chores to professionals.

Creating a mobile game promotion strategy

What are we ready to offer?

All of these mobile game promotion techniques will work for your success. To do this, you just need to contact our managers and we will choose the best path. We get to work only after agreeing on the budget. The cost is calculated individually , considering the features of the game,  and the methods of promotion to be used.