Games with 3D graphics

The KLONA company develops applications on the best commercial engines. For each project, software is selected that will maximize the potential of the gaming world.

When developing a 3D game, three-dimensional space – a game world that is filled with 3D models of characters and whirling. The process of creating a 3D game is quite laborious – you need to model characters, game levels, elements of the main menu and options pages. But it’s not just the graphics that matter to the players. Creating a full-fledged 3D game begins with elaboration script … It determines the actions of the main character, the development of minor characters and the game universe. The script gives the game depth and replayability. Music is also recorded – dynamic music and ambient soundtracks. To promote the game on the market, advertising campaigns – trailers, screenshots, development diaries are shown.

KLONA creates 3D games for:

  • computers;
  • game consoles;
  • tablets;
  • phones.


  • choosing a game engine;
  • the size of the universe and the number of characters;
  • terms of project implementation;
  • the number of concepts to create a design document.


Personal curator of the project

He will be accountable for the work of each employee, and provide information on the results. The collection and preservation of documentation, concepts and statistics will fall on his shoulders.

Own library

The company’s designers and artists collect a collection of textures, manually photograph and process the surfaces of objects. Creating a 3D game from scratch requires the development of a design concept for the game world and a style that is created based on the collected references.

In special programs, maps of emotions and movements are created for a better understanding of the physics and kinetics of the heroes of the game.

Choosing a game engine

The KLONA company develops applications on the best commercial engines. For each project, software is selected that will maximize the potential of the gaming world. So, to create a 3D online game, an engine for rendering a seamless world is suitable, and for a cinematic shooter, an engine that supports rendering a large number of polygons and special effects.

Marketing research

The company’s marketers carefully study the target audience of the project, determine its main needs and preferences. They analyze the latest trends in game design, because the development of a 3D game takes a long time, and the product must remain relevant at the time of release.

KLONA is a 3D games company.


  • Unity 3D;
  • CryEngine;
  • Unreal Engine;
  • Source;
  • Id Tech.


Preparation of technical documentation for the development of a 3D game

After signing the contract, KLONA provides 3 types of documents … The first is concept document containing all basic information about the game. The plot, stories of the main and secondary characters, features of the construction of the game world. Concept documents are needed for customer approval of the idea developing and defining temporary and budgetary framework of work.
After the concept documentation, they write technical documents (programming languages, databases, memory sizes) and design documentation

Marketing research

Employees probing the game market , determine the trends and the most popular themes for stories 3D games. Analyzed thoroughly interests of the target audience , her smallest preferences, even musical ones, because this will help create the right atmosphere the game world. All received data is processed and systematized, the material is transferred to designers for study. After that, marketers start to planning an advertising campaign.

3D game production

At this stage, teamwork of departments … Programmers create code frame for the playing field, the designers are working on graphics and levels universe, copywriters write dialogues and texts for the menu. In addition, KLONA employs freelance musicians who will write or select sound row for the project.

Technical support

For browser-based online games, support is ongoing, the price for this type of cooperation is negotiated separately in the contract with the customer.

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