Creation of the game world

Studio KLONA will create a vivid and memorable universe to which the player will return again and again. The average price for creating a game world is 100 thousand hryvnia.

Game world

The game world displays specificity of the genre and the essence of the plot , he lures with bright and interesting locations and careful study of the environment.

main characters and their allies able to induce empathy but complete immersion depends on the quality of the game world.

Separate hints and details the world is told plot history : Scraps of newspaper with information, graffiti, giant statues – all causes intrigue and forces the player to move on.

Studio KLONA will create a vivid and memorable universe to which the player will return again and again.

The average price for creating a game world is 100 thousand hryvnia.


  • the number of concepts and renders ;
  • the amount of edits for the selected concept;
  • detail and size of the universe;
  • terms of project implementation.


  1. Drawing up a technical task for creating a game world. At this stage, an idea is submitted, as a rule, this is a verbal (text) description of the game world. Key technical points are also discussed: genre, theme, type.
  2. Marketing research in game development … The target audience and its main preferences are highlighted.
  3. Search for references … Collection of information about backgrounds, landscapes, selection of photos of nature objects and inventory.
  4. Creation of 5 design concepts in the development of a game to order. Presentation of scene styles and locations and elaboration of the placement of the main objects.
  5. Refinement of the selected concept the created game universe consists in detailing objects, exposing lighting, adding colors and textures.


Open worlds in the creation of a gaming universe

Let the player move freely in space, search new and interesting locations, to interact with minor characters. Many open worlds limited by city limits (Assassin’s Creed) or region (Fallout). These universes depend on the linearity of the plot, although they provide a lot of freedom.

Construction games or sandboxes have no plot. The only goal survive and explore created game world. The brightest representatives of this trend are Minecraft and The sims

Worlds-maps in the development of a game to order

Are used in global strategies, where is the player runs the state or civilization. The whole game process is divided into three components – control bases, scientific research and improvement production.

The gameplay in global strategies is diluted tactical battles in real time.

Stage world in 3D game development

Arena or the scene represents the play world in fighting games Three-dimensionality allows players to use depth as well, such as additional dodge ability from the enemy. In addition, items are placed on the arena that threaten the health of characters or can be used as weapons.

Story worlds in game development

Characterized linearity in history , the player must go through a certain sequence of events , locations or missions … There is often only one route the player must follow through the levels. Or developers can provide some freedom of choice and let choose from several paths to win or pass Additional tasks

Static worlds in 2D game development

In quest games, the game level is drawn in advance one big picture , on which game objects are placed for interaction. Depending on the genre of the narration, they can be fabulous or more realistic


Dynamics in custom game development

Even in a static location, there should be traffic … The thrill of the fire in the fireplace and even the steam from a cup of coffee – make the game enjoyable and research. A completely different level of dynamics is a qualitative study of the environment – conversations of people on the street or a lively dispute between merchants. Objects can not only move, but also be interactive for the character – overturn the table, light the lamp, and move the cup.

High-quality game world: lighting

Simple geometry and ordinary textures will be transformed if you make lighting. It’s not just information about weather, time of day and mood. The play of light and shadow creates the atmosphere of the game … Dynamic lighting in a new way will present the location and will demonstrate the gameplay.
The color of the lighting says a lot about the danger and complements the music wonderfully. For example, if in dangerous places – thicken the shadows or add a red-green color.

The scale in creating a gaming universe

Correctly selected proportions will help you figure it out in the gameplay, determine the player how interact with objects of the environment – is it possible to jump or climb up the object. The scale of space allows evaluate the play space and the duration of the mission or level.

Visual content in game development

History games and even locations are revealed gradually , because the intrigue will keep the user in the game for a long time. The predictable plot is boring and monotonous. Content and materials on locations promote mindfulness and keeping interest … Depending on the genre, the visual design of the inventory and items is also important. Especially in the historical genre miss in ages and equipment will be criticized both journalists and players.

KLONA game development studio creates new and amazing worlds

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