3D scanning is one of the most popular methods of building a 3d model lately. In Ukraine, 3D scanning daily increases its popularity, but few entrepreneurs know about its essence, disadvantages and advantages.

A fairly large number of companies offer 3D scanning services in Ukraine, but not every one of them has specialized equipment, professional software and specialists with a high level of professionalism.

The KLONA company provides 3D scanning services of any complexity, both small objects (jewelry, jewelry) and large objects (architectural monuments, cars, etc.).

3d face scan

How a 3D scanner works

The principle of operation of a 3D scanner is based on stereo vision, on the basis of 2 cameras of the scanning device, the shape of the object, its size and distance to it are determined. In addition to cameras, a laser device and a flash of a lamp are also used, thanks to which the maximum measurement accuracy can be achieved.

The data on the surface of the object and images obtained from both cameras are transmitted to the main device – a computer, where they are analyzed, subjected to preliminary processing and then displayed on the screen as a 3d model of the object.

Thanks to modern computer software, you can easily control the process, set the degree of detail and resolution, store and modify 3D models of objects.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3d scanning

Highlight the following advantages of 3D object scanning :

  • high speed of obtaining a finished model;
  • three-dimensional scanning of objects without creating contact with the scanning device;
  • the ability to print the resulting 3D model;
  • scanning of objects of any level of complexity, of any size and shape.

Disadvantages of 3d scanning :

  • the need for specialized equipment;
  • the importance of inspection by an experienced 3d engineer;
  • mandatory revision of the 3D model of the object;
  • when scanning objects with a black or shiny surface, you must first cover them with a special solution.
3D scanning of landmarks

3D scanning methods

Three-dimensional scanning methods are divided into contact and non-contact, depending on the type of scanning device.

Contact 3d scanning assumes contact between the object being scanned and the working surface of the scanner. Contact scanning is most often used when scanning small and small objects (3d scanning of parts).

3d сканирование в УкраинеThe advantages of contact 3D scanners are :

  • ease of use;
  • high accuracy of the finished three-dimensional model;
  • autonomy of quality from the level of lighting;
  • small “weight” of the final file with the 3D model;
  • high efficiency.

Non-contact 3D scanning accordingly does not imply any contact between the scanning device and the object to be scanned.

The non-contact 3D scanner can be of two types: active and passive. The active scanner uses the data obtained as a result of 3D scanning of the object with a laser beam as the initial data for building a 3D model. The passive scanner uses object reflection as data.

The advantages of a non-contact scanner are as follows :

  • the possibility of using structured light technologies;
  • scanning objects from long distances;
  • high quality of the finished model;
  • the ability to build models of hard-to-reach and large-sized objects.

3D scanning in Ukraine

The development of 3D scanning technologies in Ukraine will undoubtedly be carried out quickly and in large steps, as this is the fastest and most affordable method for constructing a 3D model of objects of any complexity, size and shape.

The cost of 3d scanning is determined by such factors :

  • dimensions of the scanned object;
  • the required level of accuracy and detail;
  • physical characteristics of the object – material, wall thickness, color, presence and number of holes in the surface, etc.

KLONA offers 3D scanning services at a professional level, in a short time and at loyal prices. In addition, you can order high-quality 3D printing of the resulting 3D model from us.