Visualization of real estate objects is a service that is becoming more and more popular. Architectural visualization allows you to imagine the future building in the form of a graphic object that can be viewed from all sides and in the smallest detail. Visualization of architectural projects is a mandatory step in construction planning, and no modern project is complete without 3D home modeling technologies.

3D visualization of facades

3D visualization of facades

3D visualization of architecture: applications

High-quality visualization of project design allows you to take into account the pros and cons at the construction planning stage, and promptly eliminate possible errors. The final 3D rendering of buildings is not much different from photography, and this is an achievement of modern technology. But the project itself contains much more than just a beautiful picture.

In the KLONA 3D visualization studio you can order a spectacular advertising visualization a cottage village or any other architectural object.

3D visualization of residential complex projects is used not only to examine the exterior of a house with types of facades, but also to visualize:

For the development of visualization, a package of documents and drawings is formed for the layout of the apartment and the design project of its interior. They can be used for contract work.

3D visualization of the apartment

3D visualization of the apartment

Visualization of architectural objects

From the customer’s point of view, 3D design of houses looks like creating a beautiful picture or animation based on sketches. In fact, the work requires not only modeling skills in special programs, but also knowledge in the field of visualization, architecture and post-processing.

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In the work on the visualization of architectural objects, special software is used:

  • 3Ds max;
  • Maya;
  • Cinema4d;
  • Photoshop;
  • After effects.

Each project of a residential building is not just a beautiful picture that creates a vivid impression. The project must take into account the architectural features and use real drawings of the future structure.

Visualization of architectural objects

For this, 3D house designs are created by a team that includes:

  • architect;
  • interior designer;
  • visualizer.
3D modeling of a residential complex

Visualization of a new building is of great importance for the successful sale of apartments. 3D-modeling of a residential complex makes it possible to show the client favorable angles, to see how not only the facade of the building, but its adjacent territory will look like. The projects colorfully depict playgrounds, garages and other nuances of landscaping.

3D visualization of a residential complex does not always reflect reality:

3D visualization of a residential complex

But more often architects and designers work on creating real projects that will become houses and cottages in Ukraine and Europe.

By ordering 3D visualization microdistrict in the studio KLONA, you can be sure of the quality and realism of its performance.

The process of creating 3D visualization of house projects in KLONA

  1. Before starting work, a technical assignment for the project is drawn up. Key technical points are discussed with the customer, as well as the target audience for which the project is designed. Sketches are drawn up on the basis of the technical assignment.
  2. 3D modeling of buildings. Based on the drawings, a geometric three-dimensional model is created. Then realistic textures are applied to the image – certain visual effects that convey the properties of materials that will be used in the implementation of the project. To make it realistic, the balance of light and shadow is being worked out, optimal angles are selected.
  3. Setting up environment scenes. Visualization of a residential complex is impossible without the environment – landscape relief, lighting, objects and people around. All these details are carefully worked out to make the image look as realistic as possible.
  4. Refinement of the image in graphic editors. Creation and adjustment of additional special effects is necessary to bring the picture to life.
  5. Rendering … The final process, in which the finished 3D visualization of houses is translated into 2D version for obtaining high-quality images.

The cost of creating a 3D model of a house for different projects can vary significantly. It all depends on the amount of work and its complexity. For example, LCD visualization and home visualization. The price of these projects will be different. It is formed based on the complexity of the object’s geometry and the requirements for the quality and realism of the final picture.

3D visualization of the cottage

3D visualization of the cottage

KLONA studio specializes in 3D visualizations and 3D modeling … Our specialists have experience of working with developers and a deep understanding of the commercial tasks of 3D modeling of houses. Contact us if you need the implementation of complex projects, such as 3D visualization of a microdistrict, residential complex or a cottage.